Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop on USB or DVD

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1 - Artistic Lightroom
Coming soon: The Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop on DVD & USB. A pre-announcement list is open. Just respond to this email to be added to this list:

You will be first notified when this new Mastery Tutorial is available and you will benefit from a super special offer that saves you over 20% and includes a free gift :-)

Publication Date
I plan to publish the Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop in Late July or early August.  Be sure to join the pre-announdement list to benefit from the Special Offer and free gift because it is getting a lot of interest.

If you already emailed me you are fine.  Just sit back and wait for the release announcement later this month or early this August. However I did upload a new version of the contents page so you may want to re-download it to see what changed.  You can do so by clicking HERE

Why Artistic Lightroom?
Are you unsure how to Create Artistic Photographs and print them straight out of lightroom?

Do you ask yourself what you could do to your photographs to make them more artistic?

Do you want to learn how to master both the technical and the artistic aspects of Lightroom?

Recently I started processing some of my photographs entirely in Lightroom.  In the Artistic Lightroom Mastery I show you exactly I do this starting with a Raw file and creating a fine art photograph ready to print using only Lightroom

In this new Mastery Tutorial I share my personal approach to creating artistic images in Lightroom. I show you every aspect of Lightroom that can be used for artistic purposes, while keeping the technical aspects in mind.  I leave no stone unturned.  After studying the Artistic Lightroom Workshop you will master both the artistic and technical aspect of Lightroom.

See what I teach : download the table of contents now

Download the detailed table of contents for the Artistic Lightroom Mastery Workshop by clicking here now.  

Click on the images to download the table of contents

2 - Free gift with any workshop registration
Register for a workshop or the Summit, or purchase any Mastery Workshop on USB/DVD (including the upcoming Lightroom Mastery Workshop) and receive a free, limited edition collectible mug and print (see photo below).  I only make a few of these and they are different each time so these are quite unique.  You may want to collect them all.

3 - The Arches & Canyonlands Summit
Only a couple seats remain open for the 2018 Summit  and for the Summit + Vision Field Workshop. Act now  and grab them! This is one extraordinary event and it is selling out fast. Here is the link:

About the 2018 Arches & Canyonlands Fine Art Summit
The Summit is the only event where we teach Lightroom and Photoshop with Alain  Briot and Jeff Schewe. This year's location is one of the most photogenic in the world.  Here are the details:

Sunrise at Mesa Arch
One of the fantastic locations you will photograph during the Arches & Canyolands Summit in Moab, Utah.

The Fine Art Photography Summit was a blast! Got some great images, learned a lot and made some new friends. Alain Briot, Natalie Briot, and Mark Nelson, the guest speaker, gave us a glimpse of alternative printing processes and convinced me that Pt/Pd printing is in my future. We even had a cameo appearance by Jeff Schewe during the print review!

Sounds like next year's summit will be in Moab, and the slate of speakers will be equally impressive to this year... time to start planning for it!

Stefano Lassini, Summit Participant

4 - The 2019 Antelope Canyon Workshop
If you are a serious photographer you have to photograph Antelope Canyon with Alain Natalie Briot who have been there over 100 times and who will teach you how to photograph it better than anyone else.  Here are the details:

Upper Antelope Canyon

Click here to see more photographs of Antelope :

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park

One of the Locations you will photograph during the 2018 Arches & Canyonlands Summit in Moab, Utah.
Click here to see more photographs of Arches & Canyonlands :

Thank you for your interest in our workshops, tutorials and fine art. Until next time we wish you beautiful photography, fantastic inspiration and a unique vision for your work. 

Alain and Natalie Briot

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