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In this week's Medieval Musings:
  • The Frozen Flame Map reveal
  • Apologies for late newsletter
  • History of Meceria = Part III
  • Work in Progress Update
  • Author Spotlight & Book Giveaways

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Map Reveal: The Frozen Flame

Here is the map for the areas that Ashes, the first book of The Frozen Flame series is set in.

Can you guess what area that Heir to the Crown takes place in?

My Apologies

We are on vacation for the next week, and had expected to send out the newsletter last evening, but unfortunately the Internet connection is not the best here in the wilderness.

My apologies for sending it a day late, and for any errors or wonky formatting, as we have don't have all our usual tools at our fingertips.

But at least there is a nice picture of me enjoying a relaxing sit beside the lake! And yes, my mind is still thinking up new ideas while I relax with a little bit of Minecraft!

History of Merceria: Part III

Northern Growth 

Until the truce with the Elves, the emphasis on expansion had been to the east, but now, with the mountains in sight, the Mercerians turned their attention north.  In 520, King Talran ruled the land. He had two sons, Talburn and Talrath, both accomplished warriors in their own right. In that year, the eldest son, Talburn, deciding he didn’t want to wait to inherit the crown, launched a bid to seize the throne for himself by raising an army and marching on Kingsford, still the capital at that time. 

King Talran’s army met Prince Talburn near the Margel Hills in a titanic struggle known as the Battle of the Hills. Talburn’s forces were defeated, but had inflicted such losses on the Royal Army that they were unable to pursue, allowing Talburn to escape north with his supporters, eventually carving out his own kingdom in Norland, but never giving up his claim to the throne. 

King Talran died two years later, leaving his younger son, Talrath, to secede. King Talrath was a careful planner and instigated reforms in the army. He placed an emphasis on cavalry and wisely put funds into Redridge, which became an important source of iron ore. As they had in the past, they expanded by building a fortified base, this time in what is now called Tewsbury. From there, they expanded north, to the river, where the king wisely halted. 

He had intended to continue his expansion even further north, but his untimely death in 542 put further thoughts of expansion from his mind. His son, King Halrath I, decreed that only the lands south of the river were considered Mercerian territory, though he did clear a road across the north and established Bodden in 553, at that time nothing but a simple keep. 

Work in Progress Update

Another week goes by and progress on The Making of a Man continues. I am now up to almost 25,000 words, not quite half way. I had originally intended to make it similar in length to The Call of Magic (Albreda’s origin tale) but as I wrote I found more things to add. 

Baron Richard Fitzwilliam is a key figure in the Heir to the Crown series, and I wanted to tell a story that would explain his attitude toward things. Fitz is, as has been mentioned by some, almost too perfect, and yet without this shining example of the nobility, Beverly and Gerald would not have become the people they are. He has a strong sense of duty, honour and loyalty, traits that are reflected in his attitude toward people. His influence on Gerald translates to lessons learned by Anna and so I thought it important to explain how he became the ‘Fitz’ that we now know. 

What else have I been working on? Minor edits to Ashes, a new series preparing to be released very soon. I’ve also tweaked a few things in Burden of the Crown, which is currently in the hands of my BETA readers. In addition to that, I’ve already outlined Embers, the follow-up to Ashes, and started working on a detailed outline for Defender of the Crown. Phew! It’s been a busy week or so. 

Until next time, 

Happy Reading! 

Author Spotlight!

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Book Giveaways!

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