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July Newsletter
Family Matters

After a long battle with Alzheimer’s Brett’s father, Gary Shreck, passed peacefully on March 24, 2019.  Our family is celebrating a life well lived and mourning a great loss this season. He was a wonderful husband, father and Papa and we know he had an impact on so many of your lives...  Read More

From the Pulpit

Do you ever wonder if God has forgotten you? Or if God is really in control? The story of Esther is one of orphan to queen. Of a seemingly forgotten young woman who finds her purpose and has the courage to save her people... Read More

What's New

Brett is currently teaching a six-week workshop called Speak Up. It is an interactive course where people learn and practice public speaking. We want people to find their voice and recognize they have something valuable to say. The workshop includes speaking to one or two people, small groups and large groups... Read More

Featured Friend

New lives have begun! It is always a blessing to see people give their lives to Jesus and this summer we were excited to have six young adults from Christ’s Church Rwanda decide to be baptized. We are thrilled for Abraham Manishimwe, Geoffrey Mugisha, Silvus Kidiavai Samiah, Jemmimah Mungai, Jonathan Rukangira and Juan Rukangira...  Read More

Life in Rwanda

Water. It is a necessity of life! We are blessed to have running water in our home and with a 2,000-liter tank we usually get by even if the city of Kigali supply is low for a day or two. However, it is dry season in Rwanda and twice this July our tank has run dry and there was no relief coming from the city. It is amazing how our family can adapt and find a way to make it work, but it is a big inconvenience going a few days with no running water in the house... Read More


Your support has a big impact on our family and the people we serve. Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you! As we go into the second half of 2019, we need your help in one of three ways:

Prayer: Pray for CCR as we continue to focus this year on building deeper and stronger connections between our church family. We want to welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us. Pray for KICS as we seek to expand and grow so more students can receive a Christ-centered education. Pray for our family as we continue to work on adopting Gloria and Moses. We also need prayers as we continue to grieve the loss of Brett’s dad.

Become a monthly partner. Every dollar makes a difference! As a monthly partner you help us live out the calling God has given us. We need you to believe in the dreams the Holy Spirit continues to speak into our hearts and encourage us in those dreams. When you become a monthly partner, you get to be a part of the amazing and impossible things God does through us. You can make an instant difference by signing up today!


Make an immediate financial gift. Thank you to those who already gave towards our vehicle! It is not too late to make an instant impact by giving a gift today! Would you consider a gift of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or another amount? Your special need gift would have an immediate impact on our ministry and our family. Our vehicle is a 1999 and with partners’ generosity we have been able to rebuild the engine and get the exterior painted, which made it drivable and able to pass Control Technique which is required in Rwanda. While this has been a huge blessing, we still have been advised to not plan on this being a reliable vehicle for the long term. We plan to sell this Prado and purchase a newer vehicle. You could help put our family in a safer and reliable vehicle. ROC has also requested we raise additional money for an emergency fund to protect our family from financial stress when an emergency does arise. You can make an instant impact by making a gift today!

Team Shreck - Rwanda

BP 6612, Kigali

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