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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last month were a huge number of unexpected news from Coronavirus, it’s time for relax and get news updates from SVW's people and the animals!

No rescue and release due to Coronavirus

The rapid spread of the coronavirus and the illness it causes called COVID-19 has sparked alarm worldwide, ignited from China. Facing with this critical issue, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) of China has submitted a proposal "on comprehensively prohibiting the illegal wildlife trade, abolishing the bad habit of overconsumption of wildlife, and effectively protecting the lives and health of the people", which has approved. As a consequence of the epidemic and the approval, neither rescue nor release has been taken in last month.

Who is the oldest binturong all over the world?

The Binturong is thought to live for between 10 and 15 years in the wild but can happily reach older ages in captivity with one individual having lived to the age of 26. But by our estimation, Mr. B may be about 30 now. He may be the oldest binturong in the world. Before being rescued in July 2007, he was kept as an attraction for 14 years in a small cage of one meter squared. Before being in the cage, by sharing from owners, our team estimated he was around  three years old. Now we see how happy he is as an old man.

Poor Mr. B on the rescue in 2007

Happy Mr. B at SVW in 2020.

Updates about a brave warrior

We welcome a very new scaly anteater to SVW’s family – a little Sunda Pangolin. The mother was rescued on 11th Jan 2020 from Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa province, and gave birth on 28th Feb 2020. At a very young age, the baby always clings on the mother’s tail. And for this little one, he seems to be a great adventurer when clinging on his mother’s tail like this. Let hope both of them will stay healthy until their release.

Updates about the baby otters rescued in Dec 2019

The otters are growing up and ready for the rehabilitating process. The pairing and weaning tasks have been done successfully. They have been moved to enclosures and may stay here for a couple of months. Currently, they are all doing well. Their main meals are fish sometimes mixed with crabs and mussels. They seem to be very excited and curious about every new thing that we provide in their enclosure. The keeper always has an eye on them to record their activities as well as ensure they stay safe before their release.

Rest in peace forever, our beloved leopard cat – Dai Lai

On Tuesday 18 Feb, we had to say goodbye to one of our dear friends – Dai Lai. Dai Lai was a little vulnerable baby, three weeks old and weighing 290 grams when she was transferred to our center. She died at the old age of 12. As he witnessed that time and age was taking her life gradually, our head keeper Truong was so emotional. “Rest in peace forever, our gentle and gorgeous lady” he said.

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all organizations and individual donors who donated and adopted Dai Lai during her stay with us. All the remaining donated money from Dai Lai now is transferring to the husbandry and rehabilitation for 3 other permanent leopard cats – Luc Ngan, Sáng, and Xinh.

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Updates about a brave warrior

Do you remember our little warrior who had gone through the surgery which removed the 1st digit on his front claw? After over one month, let see how it is going? He is now able to walk around on the ground, go out and even climb on branches. A heartfelt thanks to all the efforts of the captive team for always taking care of him as well as tracking his activities.

Sharing burden with Vet team
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Captured images of Pangolin and Owston's Civet in the wild

In February, our Edu-team surveyed 23 primary schools and secondary schools in four communes of Yen Khe, Chau Khe, Mon Son, and Con Cuong. The survey has helped to understand the overview of transportation routes, facilities, experience about teaching and extracurricular activities at schools to plan for educational programs rationally and effectively.

Local houses on the way conducting the survey

Also, we have surveyed and researched places to organize experiential nature education programs to stimulate love and increase the connection between children and nature. We surveyed several locations, including Pu Mat National Park Botanical Garden, Thac Kem Forest Protection Station, Thac Kem tourist site, Pha Lai Forest Protection Station, the access road to Khe Bu and the area around Co Phat, Ban Bung, Khe Nong.

The conditions of students and local communities in some areas are really difficult in all aspects as they live almost separately from the outside town area. We deeply sympathize with the community and hope to increase the motivation for the group to develop appropriate educational programs, help children go to school and direct their actions of not depending on the forest for their living.

Species conservation
Captured images of Pangolin and Owston's Civet in the wild

In February, the research team went to U Minh Thuong National Park for retrieval and replacing 30 camera traps set in December 2019. Six camera traps were damaged by animal attacks and one was stolen. Preliminary results show that seven out of 29 camera stations recorded Sunda pangolins, nine stations recorded Hairy-nosed otters, three stations recorded Leopard cat and one station filmed Small Indian civet. However, no image of Fishing cat has been found. We are sad to witness the habitat in the park is seriously threatened by pollution of water sources and noise, garbage due to tourism activities and encroachment by local people.

On the rescue
Site protection
It was too late to save two beautiful creatures

As springtime is the peak season for hunting activities, our anti-poaching team has had to work extremely hard to combat illegal wildlife poaching in and around Pu Mat National Park and uses the SMART program to monitor their results. During the patrol las month, the team had found 2 monkeys trapped by wire snares. Unfortunately, they died before the team reached out and saved them.

Here are some highlights of the team's records in Feb 2020.

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A story about SVW's people and the animals, “Tipping the scales in pangolin trafficking” now has been released after 2 months in collaboration with Our Better World – a digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. Let come and have a look.


Thanks to your support, 167 shirts have been sold in our last campaign “ Armor up for the pangolins” on Bonfire. All profits of $2,612 from this campaign will come directly to our pangolin rescue and rehabilitation program.

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