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January 11, 2020

"I enjoyed this book greatly and must pat Mr. Bennett on the back for a job well done!" - Jim P.

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On the Homefront

After a busy, but fun-filled Holiday season, we are ready to change things up with the addition of studio lights, a lapel mic, and a new tripod, for recording videos.

WIth the help of my daughters, who are very talented when it comes to creating content for social media, we are going to spend Sunday hooking everything up so that this week's Facebook Live Video will have a whole new look. 

As you can see, Daisy and TIlly can barely contain their excitement about hte new video equipment!

A peek into the future – Power Ascending

I will soon embark on my next series, which, like the others, takes place in the same world. I must also share that all these series are interconnected, and events from one have repercussions in the others. Have you picked up on any between Heir to the Crown and The Frozen Flame, maybe with the Orcs?

Power Ascending is the tale of two individuals, Charlaine deShandria works for her father as a smith’s apprentice, and meets a man named Ludwig Altenberg. They fall in love, but it is not meant to be, for he is the son of a baron, she a lowly apprentice. Without giving the plot away, they are driven apart by a series of events. She joins the Church, making her way through the ranks of the Temple Knights of Saint Agnes, while he, on the other hand, takes up the mantle of warrior, rising through the ranks of nobility.

They share a common origin, and yet take different paths to power. Each book will feature one of them, though there are some common events between them. I will be starting Tempered Steel, their origin story as soon as the first draft of Defender of the Crown is complete sometime next week. After that, the books will alternate between Charlaine's story and that of Ludwig, for a total of eight books.

This is a storyline I’ve had in mind for some time, so much so that there have already been some hints of what is to come in some of my other stories. I look forward to sharing this new series with you this Spring.

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There is no sanctuary for those who are hunted!

Natalie and Athgar are safely ensconced in the sleepy town of Ostermund when a chance encounter leads them on a trail of deceit that implicates an old ally.

After discovering who is behind the plot, they must make a choice, stay hidden or risk everything in the name of friendship!

Athgar, descendant of a vanquished people, wants only to protect that which he holds most dear.

Natalia, now secure in her powers, seeks peace, but the ever-growing shadow of the family threatens all she has fought for.

Together, they embark on a path where even their success could spell defeat, for this battle may start a war that none can stop.

Immerse yourself in a land steeped in magic and mystery as Paul J Bennett's The Frozen Flame series continues in his newest tale, Embers!

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Character Inspiration - Sir Harold

Sir Harold first appears in Sword of the Crown. He is a famous hero, considered the gold standard of knights. Beverly’s father, Lord Richard Fitzwilliam, sent for him, determined to have him train his daughter, but the real question is why?

For those who have read any of the books in the Heir to the Crown Series, you quickly come to the realization that Richard Fitzwilliam is a very integral part of the series, but someone had to teach him! This led me to need to consider a number of things. Originally, Sir Harold's character was just going to be an old tutor of Richard’s, but as I began to develop The Making of a Man, I realized I wanted this character to have more of an influence on the boy's future. Sir Harold doesn’t just teach Richard how to fight, he shows him what it is to be his own man.

This, in turn, relates to Fitz’s relationship with not only his daughter but Gerald as well. I’ve always believed that every character needs a back story, and Sir Harold fills in Lord Richard’s nicely. As a side note, Sir Harold is named for my father, to whom I dedicated Shadow of the Crown. Just as Sir Harold influenced Fitz, so too, did my own father influence me.

More of Sir Harold is revealed in The Making of a Man, available now.

The reviews keep coming in for Mercerian Tales: The Making of a Man

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"Possibly the best book in the series" - Gesler

"A wonderful addition to the series" - MLV

"One of my favorite indie authors does it again" - Bob

"I loved it...This is another piece of the wonderful epic fantasy" - MJ

"You should add this to your collection." - H S

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Work in Progress Update

It’s hard to believe that I’ve now been a full-time writer for ten months. Since I started this journey, I’ve managed to write twelve books, although a couple of those are novellas. I am now almost complete Defender of the Crown, which is the seventh book in the Heir to the Crown series. It’s currently sitting at 109,000 words and looks like it’ll end up being about 120,000.

Once that’s complete, I will be started my next series, Power Ascending, which I have already spent some time outlining all eight books and the prequel. My intent is to have four series on the go at any one time, releasing two to three books a year for each. The count won’t be exact, but I’ve already plotted out the order they’ll be worked in.

My next release is Embers, book two of The Frozen Flame, and it’s now in the hands of my talented BETA team, and soon to be with my wonderful ARC readers.

While I look back on the past ten months with a sense of accomplishment, I am looking forward to many more years of writing!

Until next time, Happy reading!

Author Spotlight!

Check out these featured books that are free, discounted, or new releases. The authors are returning the favour by sharing my books with their readers.

Dragon Mage Academy: She stumbled upon a murder. Now this princess must save a dragon from certain death. 7 books. 2500+ pages of action-packed dragon adventures, following a young woman’s magical adventures as she battles for survival. Seventeen-year-old Princess Alba will do anything to escape her tyrant father’s arranged marriage. Disguised as a boy...

The Last Ward: Daxon Ward turned his back on his legacy decades ago. Destined to become one of the realm’s Guardians—a magickal subspecies with blood-deep resistance to all things magick—he was one of the few who understood their true mission. After witnessing the murder of a werewolf family at their hands, Daxon turned his back on the Guardians without... 

Blood of a Fallen God: Heroes aren’t born. They are forged. Over a thousand years since the death of the twin gods of Humanity, the land of Palnor endures, but not what it could be. A land bound to the Church of a Fallen God, it is ruled in all but name by a man who lusts for nothing but more power and wealth. In the city of the Reach, a young man, William Reis, wishes to fulfill...

MageBorn:  Emma was a normal teenage girl before her twin nearly burned her to death. When Emma and her brother discover they have magic, they are visited by an archmage of a school for mages. They embark on a journey, but it becomes fraught with peril as a deranged cult captures them. Using every trick in their book, and with the help of unexpected allies...

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