Safety is Important

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Since I started building ionizing body detox devices 16 years ago my number one priority is safety.  In all manufacturing things rise up which need attention. 

Around January of this year we started using a 20mm x 5mm 1Amp 250V fast blow fuse on the back panel of EarthTides which protects it from sudden surges and spikes in the grid.  We approved the 1 Amp fuse after all of our bench testing.  It carried the load quite well.  After 6 months we have two cases where the 1Amp fuse has failed.  The filament in the fuse is anodizing (getting harder) overheating, and they don't function likes fuses. 

All EarthTides are now required to use a 20mm x 5mm 5Amp 250V fast blow fuse.  Here are a few pictures showing how easy it is to replace the fuse with a mini screwdriver, a prong of a fork or a butter knife in about two minutes.  After you have done it once, you can change it in 30 seconds.  You simply pop open the little drawer on the back panel between the female terminal and the green switch.  There is even a little cubby hole where you can store an extra fuse.  The active fuse is the exposed fuse.  The extra fuse is tucked into the cubby hole. You will understand when you pop open the little drawer.  The fuse description is found on one end.  You will need a good light.  The fuses to remove read F1AL250V.  The replacement fuses read F5AL250V.  The reason for the 250V capacity is because  EarthTides can be used with 250V 50hz in foreign countries.  If you need to take it to another country where 250V is used, there is a slide switch on the transformer inside of the enclosure.

You can purchase these fuses for about $2.50 at most hardware stores, home depot, or automotive part shops.  It is much easier to get 10 of them on for about $3.89. They come right away.

Here is the link:

If you are not able to use the internet, let me know and I will send you a few.

If your EarthTides has a white label on the back panel regarding the 1Amp fuse, it means for certain that it needs to be replaced with a 5Amp fuse. With a permanent marker, edit the label to read 5Amps as well. 

If you have sold any EarthTides to friends or clients, it is important to notify them as well.  I won't have their email or contact information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time @ 480-465-3272


Useful update on the stainless steel plates

For the past 2 months we have been manufacturing the stainless steel plates with the cables attached and with 2 nylon bolts...bolted and locked.  We have decided to manufacture all future plates without locking them which will allow you to disassemble the plates for cleaning.  The end of the attached cable should be cleaned and rinsed as well for having been exposed to the bubbles of the salt water.  Every time you buy a set of plates, it comes complete with new cables.  The price remains the same at $58 which includes shipping anywhere in America.




Self Adhesive Electrodes Now Included

All new EarthTides now come with 4 sets (8 Electrodes) of Self Adhesive Electrodes to facilitate the  flow of electrons through sore joints, tissue, muscle and bone for helping in the release of chronic pain.  Two adapters, one red and one black link the Micro-current cables to the electrodes.  You can purchase this set at the Market Place on the EarthTides website for $15. Shipping is free.  This set does not include the stainless steel probes.  They are pictured here to show the relationship.





Peristaltic Action of the Colon

 I want to share the effectiveness of taking 1/2 teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth with a glass of cool water every day.  Mother earth can find places in your body that need cleansing like nothing else can. My son gave me 1/2 teaspoon in water last week and within 36 hours the peristaltic colon response was up and running again.  I am going to find a good source and purchase a pound or two.


Function and Art

You will never guess what I found at the Dollar Store.  A very functional dish cloth caddy...and yes, it is also made from stainless steel.  Some people use these for holding rolls of paper towels.  I guess it works for that as well. So after one week of experimenting with this practical Dollar Store stainless steel rack, my disk cloth still smells sweet.

So if you want  great smelling dish cloths, your not limited to my beautiful hardwood & stainless steel artwork which is a mere $97.  You can head to the Dollar Store and make out like a bandit.

Oh heavens it is great to be alive on this planet in this body right now.  We are definitely creators of a great many things.

Love and light to you, your family and friends.


Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix

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