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Trybe Times #01

Yo! ,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy! We are just 20 days into 2021 and we would love to share some amazing words with you!

Be Kind To Yourself 🤗

We've all been through a lot this year. If you've been struggling to achieve anything or stay focused on some of your plans, please get help whenever you can and remain kind to yourself.

Don't burden yourself by trying to achieve everything all by yourself if you have anyone that can help you scale faster around.

Be Deliberate & Take The Steps 🚀

Planning deliberately makes it super easy to control yourself and not waste too much time. If you are deliberate about anything, best believe that you will achieve a lot more.

Taking the steps starts with doing research to get all of the information you need and more. Talk to people who have gone through similar paths and, of course, get your hands dirty just to see what works.

Whatever you choose to do in the next 20 days is up to you and don't forget that your dreams are valid.

Opportunities of the Week 💡

Curated opportunities from trusted sources across the world

Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Student Contest 2021 for students worldwide (USD$100,000 prize money)

Open to students around the world, the Imagine Cup Competition seeks to honor the most innovative, accessible, ground-breaking, and appealing software built with Microsoft tools and technology.

The Nourishing Africa Entrepreneur Support Program 2021 for young Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Through a robust business support program that leverages ICT, data and innovation, the Entrepreneur Support Program aims to help grassroots and MSMEs, particularly women-led businesses, across Nigeria.

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Have a great weekend and mask up! 😷

Much Love,

The Trybes!

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