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Dear fellow GEWC members,

As the curling season continues to draw closer, we will continue to send out communication pieces keeping you up to date with ongoing plans and preparation for a Safe Return to Play in the fall. 

Please be aware that things continue to change and evolve day to day, however this is where we are at with key areas to date.

Please note that an updated version of the Return to Curling Guidelines will be released by the end of this month by Curl BC. One of the changes will be a new Covid-19 Ice Layout to accommodate four player teams in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of curling. This is great news!

We will share this updated Return to Curling Guideline via social media and our website upon its release.

Registration for the 2020-2021 Season

Online registration will open in early September. Everyone will register and PAY online. For those that require assistance, we will provide an in-house registration date at the club. This date will be identified once online registration is open.


Everyone must Register and Pay by September 30th

Payment for league play will be divided into two halves this season.

First half payment in September, leagues will run as follows:

o Tues, Oct 13 – Mon, Dec 21, 2020 (10 weeks)

Second half payment in December, leagues will run as follows:

o Sun, Jan 3rd – Friday, March 19, 2021 (11 weeks)

There are many significant costs associated to the start-up and operation of the facility. To stay afloat financially this season, we need to ensure we have revenue to offset the expenses. In the unlikely event that curling is cancelled, there will be a “No Refund” policy in place. This is why members will only pay for one half of a season at a time.

There will be NO increase in league fees this season; they will be consistent to last season based on how many weeks of play you will receive.

The Club Improvement Fee will increase from $5/person to $20/person. This season the entire $20 fee will help offset new costs associated with Covid safety.

Additional Safety Protocols & Membership Orientation

We plan to send out a video which will outline what to expect when coming into the club this season. This video will focus on all safety measures, and what your new roles and responsibilities will look like as a member.

Below is additional insight into the direction we are heading and what you can expect:

Lower Lobby

  • To reduce the sharing of high-touch surfaces like door handles, “Touch-less” foot door openers have been installed on the two right hand doors entering the club. Also, many of the interior doors will be propped open for touchless entry.
  • Tables and chairs will be set up in a specific configuration. The overall layout will maximize our ability to move about with appropriate distancing.
  • Each table will be equipped with a sanitization station and signage to indicate what table teams will sit at prior to and after each game.
  • Members will be asked to sanitize their table and chairs. A best practice will be to sanitize prior to use (pre-game) and at completion of use following your game. We will have folding chairs at each table labelled as such: 1 (lead) 2 (second) 3 (third) 4 (skip). When your chair is folded up and leaning against the table, this indicates that your chair and table area have been sanitized.
  • We plan to have our Locker Rooms open for use to store your curling gear. What’s different is they will not be used as a change room, and there will be a max capacity of 4 people at one time. Curlers will be encouraged to arrive at the club wearing their curling clothing (pants, shirt) and simply utilize the locker room to retrieve your curling equipment.
  • Washrooms will have a max capacity of 2 people at a time.  

Upper Lobby

  • As with the lower lobby, tables will be set up in a social distancing manner with sanitization stations. There will be a max of six people allowed per table upstairs.
  • We ask that you wipe down your chairs and table before and after use.
  • Bar Service – we highly encourage one person per team go up and order drinks. Floor markers will indicate where to stand in line. Once seated, remain seated - other than to use the washroom or to get bar service.
  • There will be plexi glass at the bar counter for added protection.
  • Washrooms will have a max capacity of 2 people at a time.   

Ice Shed

  • There will be a specific flow of traffic in and out of the ice shed with slightly staggered times when teams access the ice area.
  • Games will be 2 hours max in duration with a buzzer set up accordingly.
  • Evening leagues (Tues Men’s & Friday Mixed) with back-to-back draws will follow these guidelines:
    • Draw 1 in the evenings will commence at 6:30pm, teams can arrive 30min prior to draw time. After the completion of the game, teams will be asked to take care of all sanitization requirements and make their way up to the lounge, or depart the building by 8:45pm to allow for the second draw to arrive.
    • Draw 2 in the evening will commence at 9pm. Teams will be asked to arrive no earlier than 8:45pm.
  • In-ice logos and markings will showcase traffic patterns to be utilized during play.
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes and gloves available in the ice shed for cleaning of rock handles, scoreboards, measuring devices, brooms etc.
  • Touchless water fountain will be available to fill personal water bottles. Drinking directly from the fountain will not be permitted.
  • Shelving behind each sheet will be available to store personal items.

More to Expect

  • No handshaking
  • One sweeper per shot
  • No sweeping opposition stones
  • Face masks - prepare to wear a face mask as you move about the facility. You are not required to wear a mask when curling or when sitting at a table.
  • Club bonspiels will be postponed for now and will be re-evaluated come December.

Please take the time to fill out the short three question survey.  Also feel free to forward any additional question or concerns to –


23580 Jim Robson Way, Maple Ridge
BC V2W 1B8 Canada


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