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Can you believe it’s almost November? The weather is turning brisk, in between the humid and warm days that we still get in the piedmont region of North Carolina.

While Halloween hasn’t yet arrived, the Halloween holiday items are already on sale. That’s about a week earlier than normal, and I’m guessing a direct result of COVID19’s impact on retail. Christmas is taking over the endcaps and shelves of all the stores, and retailers have begun sending out an abundance of “lowest price today” and “flash sale” ads to my email.

If what everyone is saying has merit, online gift orders needing to arrive before Christmas should be ordered no later than Thanksgiving! They tout that the mail houses are already working at peak levels and the holiday season will driving them into insane levels of production.

Keep track of your orders. We have a delivery person for one of the companies that literally tosses the packages near the road and types in that he handed them to the resident. Several in my neighborhood have lost packages said to have already been received—by them! We’ve all complained, but nothing has been done. That’s aggravating.

As for me, I’ve already started my holiday shopping. I don’t mind shopping; however, I’ve got to wrap the gifts that are stacking up. (Keep in mind the large boxes typically have a very small item inside. )

I had intended to wrap gifts this weekend but, of course, found something to do that I like better! 

(Here’s my mountain of cardboard that needs attention—keep in mind that MOST of this is boxes! The pile will look MUCH smaller when the wrapping is done)

On a personal side, all my work (writing) for these past months is starting to release. ‘Lyon’s Prey’ was released on October 14. It’s part of the Lyon’s Den Connected World Series and is a prelude to my new series, The Rakes of Mayhem.

If you enjoy holiday stories, I have several to share. I think you might enjoy ‘O Night Divine!’ It’s a collection of 22 authors’ Christmas stories and releases the middle December. It is sure to please the most discriminating Christmas readers. My contribution is “A Gift for Agatha” and is a Scrooge-like tale. These are all shorts—so the storylines move quickly.

If you are a Wicked Earl fan, you can grab a ten-pack of all the stories that released earlier this year. Wicked Earls' Christmas is only $5.99!

‘The Duke’s Golden Rings’ is part of a twelve-book anthology written around the twelve days of Christmas. It’s on preorder and releases December 5.

Last but never least—grab this eight book anthology for $.99! My sweet novella, ‘Silver Bells and Mistletoe’ is included.

This is the part of the year that I enjoy so much! I stay busy and challenged. My hope and prayer is that this year my friends (that includes you) and family stay safe throughout the season.



TIDBITS of Historical stuff

Male education In the Regency Era

I’m currently researching the education system during the Regency Era and found male education particularly interesting.

Depending on the income level education for males typically took one of two paths. The upper class males of elementary school age (as well as females) generally learned from a governess and/or tutor who would live in the home.

Church-based charity schools became a staple in many communities. Males from lower classes, if they were fortunate enough, could possibly find a place in the church-based schools. These boarding schools were typically strict.

Both groups—upper and lower—studied Latin, English and Literature, these three topics being considered paramount to a good education.

At the age of twelve, young men of the more elite classes would normally go to a boarding school. These schools were known as 'public schools' because the education was outside of the private home, where education had previously been received. Here, they were taught by men known as headmasters. Examples of these schools are Eton, Harrow, Shrewsbury, and Westminster.

Picture by Kurt Pacaud; Shutterstock

Young men from the lower classes also continued their education in boarding schools, or orphanages that acted similar. Often, these children would not be allowed to continue because they were needed at home to help in the family business or work.

Education for girls typically ended at the age of twelve for those classes outside of the elite. This pushed their educational focus on maintenance of the home and skills of that nature. The more elite classes continued to promote skills they considered important for a young woman in gaining a husband on the marriage mart—stitchery, painting, dancing and music.

Upon graduation from boarding school, males from the elite class usually chose between two paths. They could choose college, which usually meant Cambridge or Oxford. There, they could choose between one of four career paths: an officer (no real studying as rank was almost always purchased), a clergyman, a lawyer (required three to five years of study), or a doctor (which was considered the least noble of the profession in the day.)

An alternative option for those not considering college was known as the Grand Tour, which was considered a must. This was a tour of Europe and was normally taken with a tutor and a planned regiment of studies, all connected to the culture and sites of Europe. The trip typically lasted one to five years.

New Releases and Pre-orders
Alyssa's Autumn Affair by Tabetha Waite

Sometimes life’s travails…Can bloom into something wonderful.

Misleading a Duke by A.S. Fenichel

Finishing school failed to turn them into proper society ladies. Now these four friends vow to remain single until they find suitors worthy of their love and devotion…

Revealing a Rogue by Rachel Ann Smith

How do you safeguard your heart from the rogue you’ve sworn to protect?

An Allusive Love by Aubrey Wynne

Pride, Highland politics, and tragedy collide, proving Brodie’s ability to lead. But when a resentful clan member’s revenge threatens Kirsty, he realizes how precious and allusive true love can be.

Her Highland Beast by Madeline Martin

A man destined to die…A woman who cannot be killed…A curse that can only be broken by true love

Have Yourself a Merry Little Scandal by Anna Campbell, Sasha Cottman, Emma V. Leech, Ellie St. Clair, Nicola Davidson, Laura Trentham, Amanda Mariel, April Moran, Victoria Vale, Elsa Holland, Dayna Quince, Beverley Oakley, and Emmanuelle de Maupassant

From the snowbound Scottish Highlands to the glittering ballrooms of London, our fearless heroines enter the Christmas season in pursuit of their heart's desire. But, the course of true love never did run smooth... especially when SCANDAL is afoot.


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