Amazing kid entrepreneurs!

Our UltraKids Are Amazing!

(But you already knew that didn't you!?)

We've helped 76 kids and young people start their own business and there's only one 'rule,' they must be PASSIONATE about what they are starting.

That said, our kid CEOs range from authors to bakers, fashion designers to motivational speakers and lots more inbetween!

Check out some of their businesses below.

Jasmine Redman

Jasmine is the 10 year-old CEO behind Adventureville - Colour Your Way To Calm and an amazing artist!

Find out more here.

Inspiring Vanessa

Motivational speaker, Youtuber and artist. Her mission: to empower people to live their dreams!

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Digital Accounts

Ranveer's company provides accounting services to young entrepreneurs!

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Hustlers Prosper

Started by 16 year-old Andre Mensah. Hustlers Prosper is a brand new, exciting fashion brand.

Find out more here.

Shae's Bunnies

Shae loves bunny rabbits! He provides petting experiences with his bunnies at all types of events!

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Callum helps kids learn how to build and code robots in fun and interactive workshops. Super!

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Kids Get Learning

Tegan has written her own educational book, is an inspirational speaker and vlogger!

Find out more here.

This is just a taster of some of the amazing businesses started by our UltraKids. See our full list of entrepreneurs on our website here.

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