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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! I can't believe it's the end of April already! How is it possible that many of us have been under lockdown for 6 weeks now?

This month I've been busy busy busy! I love all the questions and enquiries coming in, and invite you to keep them coming! I've been receiving some fabulous questions that may make it into a future video.

These past couple of weeks I've also been updating my Patreon more, so if you want some more "behind the scenes" info, access to a private Facebook group and livestream sessions, take a peek here.

Also all the trees are blooming and my allergies are making me look like I was punched in both eyes. Despite this, it's my favorite time of year. How is spring going for you? Are you ending April strong, or can you simply not wait for it to be over? Let me know in a reply!

Next, I've got a couple of new smooth and stealthy corsets for you, and a poll at the bottom about mesh corsets...

Feeling peachy? Smooth stealthy corsets!
Silky and satiny, soft as buttah (maybe)

So, I have been mentioning for literally YEARS that the ideal stealthing corset has a few features, including softly contoured (or straight) edges, close as possible to skin tone, and ideally a smooth finish (like satin weave) to prevent your clothing from riding up on abrasive fabrics.

And finally, we have some satin stealthy options! (Unfortunately not in all skintones or silhouettes but we're getting a little closer)

Click any of the above peach satin corsets to read more. The RM peachy beige is almost out of stock and won't be replaced, but the hourglass peach is available in sizes 18" all the way up to 42" and available as long as we still have the fabric available for it!

(I wouldn't dawdle on these though, because the floral cotton colorways sold out in less than two weeks.)

See all peach corsets here.

See ALL the beige and brown corsets here!

Stealthing in red? What the what?

Heck yes! The trick to "stealthing" a red corset under a white shirt is to ensure that it's in the same "family" as your skintone (reds can have warm and cool tones, just like complexions do) and to get the right shade or vibrancy. Someone with a deeper skintone might be better able to stealth in a burgundy or berry hue, medium-tan skintones might be able to stealth in crimson (above!) and lighter skintones might be able to stealth in a brighter red.

A good rule of thumb - would the shade flatter you as a lipstick? Then it might just be stealthable.

While it's difficult to see, the picture on the left is a Round rib Gemini while the one in the middle is a Straight rib Gemini.

Don't know if the Gemini would fit you? I highly recommend sending me your measurements before ordering - you need big hips to fit the Gemini properly, no exceptions (unless you don't mind the flaring or you already own hip pads).

Want to read more about stealthing red bras under white shirts?

Here's a great blog post and explanation from Brastop.

Read more!
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