Projects don't always go as planned.

Even if you do everything, to the best of your abilities, some people might get disappointed. That's just the name of the game.

And the particulars of our digital world make it easy for the disappointed ones to speak up. Believe me, they most definitely will.

Recently, we had such a situation with a project I'm working on. On launch day people were NOT happy. Actually, quite a few of them were, but the ones that weren't were very vocal. What would you do?

This is when you need to show up. Talk to the disappointed ones. Show them you listen, sympathize and understand. Show you're ready to talk.

You see, people are not malicious. They are genuinely unhappy because they had different expectations. When you show up and talk, expectations get met - not by necessarily fulfilling every wish, but by showing you care. Businesses that care are hard to hate.

It takes time. It takes courage. But it's totally worth it.

Do you talk to your unhappy customers or are you an ostrich-type marketer?


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Enjoy the rest of the week!
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