Medical scholarships for Indigenous students

[by Ken Robinson]

A former medical student who struggled at university but went on to co-found the Optical Superstore chain has announced new funding for scholarships for Indigenous students at Bond University.

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Indigenous students in Carnarvon follow their dreams

[by Clarissa Carradine]

Indigenous students in Carnarvon gathered with their families, teachers and community members to celebrate the 15 Year Anniversary of the Carnarvon Follow The Dream program.

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Charles Perkins Oration: Holding a mirror to our nation

[Sally Quinn, The University of Sydney]

Niece of the legendary Aboriginal leader, Ms Turner recalled how much of an inspiration Charles Perkins was to her as a young girl, recounting his battles for civil rights.

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Sydney primary school has renamed its sports houses from colonists to Aboriginal words

[Brooke Fryer, SBS]

Leading First Nations artists Tony Albert, Blak Douglas, Thea Perkins and Nicole Monks worked with parents at Bourke Street Public School in the inner-city suburb of Redfern to create new Aboriginal school house names and symbols. 

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