Listen to the latest recorded song from the musical The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, and get to know Dr. Lymer!
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I  apologize for writing again so soon after my last letter, but I've made a little something special for you, and I wanted to make certain you knew about it:

New Musical Song on YouTube

"Who's A Little Leech?", the latest recorded song from the musical The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, has indeed been recently available for free at the Emporium as a quarantine gift to you, but if you've been on your mobile and unable to download the MP3 file and all the muck that comes with opening that up, but would like to have a listen and a laugh (laughter guaranteed, or at least a giggle), then this is for you.

Most importantly, I have captioned the lyrics myself, so you can learn the words and sing along by clicking on the CC option (the YouTube generated lyrics were so hilariously outrageous I'm almost sorry I didn't keep them up). 

Song Notes: I should mention that I am singing this song as the character of Dr. Lymer, bloodletting specialist and leech aficionado. In the actual show, he will be performed by an operatic tenor, so I am doing my utmost to convey this. The scene is from the show's Act 1, when Emily, the new Inmate W14A, is brought to the Doctor for her first leeching, and is given quite an education. If you yourself are not yet expert in these creatures, worry not—you will be after hearing this song.

To Look Out For: Listen closely and you may just spot a bit of accordion during the "France" references. Bonus points for catching the Big Ben chimes. (Dr. Lymer thinks in clichés.)

Do enjoy!

Go to YouTube

And finally, due to overwhelming request, I have extended ✨The Asylum Oracle Incense✨ offer until Sept. 30th, and so my birthday sale becomes a birthday week sale, which I think is much more festive anyhow. It also means that my hands will be encrusted with frankincense resin for the next few days (I blend the incense with my hands of course) as I didn't make nearly enough at the start of the sale—I couldn't have imagined that the response would be so enthusiastic! (Tip: The cure for resin hands is olive oil!)

Visit the Asylum Emporium Oracle page.

Thank you, dear friend, for being here with me—for your spirit, and your companionship on this wild journey. We do so much in the Asylum these days, but it is music that brought us together, and it is such a pleasure to bring you a bit more of that today, as well as another peek behind the scenes of the Asylum musical...just wait until you hear what's next;).

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