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Hi everyone, and happy new year! As mentioned in my December newsletter, I will be going on maternity leave soon. I have included the timeline below.

For January's newsletter I've decided to do a roundup of previous topics I've covered. I hope having all these resources linked in one place will be helpful. I'll be back with brand new content in April or May, so if you have suggestions for future newsletters, please send them along at any time!

I have also been busy fitting in as many of your beautiful patterns for editing as I can, and all remaining tech editing spots are now full. If you're in need of a tech editor while I'm away, please send me an email and I'll refer you to a trusted colleague. I am planning on returning to work in late April/early May, and will notify this list when I have settled on a date.

Maternity Leave

Here is my tentative timeline:

  • January 4th, 2019: Deadline for booking new tech editing jobs
    All spaces have been spoken for. If you've got a pattern ready for editing, please send me an email and I will refer you to a trusted colleague.

  • January 18th, 2019: Deadline for receiving revised versions of jobs-in-progress
    Any outstanding follow-up tasks related to previously booked work (2nd edits, final looks at previously edited patterns, etc.) will need to be received by this date.

  • February 3rd, 2019: Invoices for outstanding work go out
    Invoices for any work completed up to this point will be sent out.

  • Late April/Early May 2019: Return to work (limited availability)
    I plan to start taking on jobs again in late April/early May, with increasing availability in the months that follow. I will notify this list when I have settled on a date.

I will be checking my main email, allison@kniterations.ca, once a week while away. Urgent inquiries can be addressed to urgent@kniterations.ca

Resource Roundup

It's hard to believe this newsletter is a year and a half old! Below are links to all the topics I've covered. I've included links to the original emails, plus links to accompanying blog posts, where available. I've also listed them both chronologically and then organized them into categories for easy searching. Enjoy!

Chronological listing

August - Sock design resources: email
September - Indicating stitch count changes: email | blog post
October - Writing patterns with both charts and written instructions: email | blog post
November - Sending single-use Ravelry coupon codes with MailChimp: email | blog post
December - Submitting patterns to third parties for publication: email | blog post

January - Using checklists for repetitive tasks: email | blog post
February - Online resources for pattern writing and design: email | blog post
March - Promoting your patterns: email
April - Building your email list: email | blog post
May - Diversifying your income: email
June - GDPR going forward: email | blog post
July - Top 10 pattern mistakes and how to avoid them: email | blog post
August - 10 Apps to help streamline your design workflow: email | blog post
September - How to give your pattern a unique, memorable name: email | blog post
October - No newsletter
November - Indie Design Gift-A-Long (GAL) 2018: email | blog post
December - Ravelry Pro - Beyond the basics: email | blog post

Listing by category

Pattern writing and design

Tech tips

Business growth



Tech Editing Availability

As mentioned above, my remaining tech editing spots have all been filled. If you'd like to be referred to a trusted colleague of mine, please send me an email.

I hope you have a creative and productive few months and I look forward to working with you again when I return.

- Allison 

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