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Special holiday month with 2 rescued tiger cubs, 15 otter pups and other animals

Dear SVW friends and supporters,

It's end of the year, the busiest time of year. We are receiving more and more animals into our care, such as two a month old tiger cubs and little 15 otter pups with no mother, and still keep running many other projects. We finished the technical report of 3-year Valuing Nature in Childhood program and Owston's civet Conservation Strategy. Keep reading and you will find more exciting news of the month.

Rescue, rehabiliate, and release
Rescued 2 orphan tiger cubs from Ha Tinh

SVW received the request from police of Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province after they have tried to reach out to all places to help two tiger cubs they just confiscated.

Even SVW was not planned to have facilities during with adult tigers, but our efforts have help to save lives of those two cubs. We continue to take care to babies and looking for appropriate facility to transfer them to.

Rescued 15 baby otters from Dien Chau, Nghe An

SVW team and Pu Mat national park are rescuing 19 otters from illegal trade at Dien Chau district, Nghe An province. Sadly, 4 otters found dead before we arrived. 15 others are all baby otters and many of them still have eyes close.

All of the rescued otters were identified as baby Asian small-clawed otters. All of the 15 alive individuals weighed only 11.2 kg, of which four ones' eyes were yet to open. They were in poor health conditions and had wounds on the bodies. Our team immediately provided them with first aid and after that transported them to Pu Mat National Park for further health checkup and intensive care.

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Welfare assessment: ‘Great job, SVW team!’

Wild Welfare organization made a visit to our center in Cuc Phuong National Park. They said that they rarely had the chance to visit places like SVW and they were delighted. The team provided us with insight as to what we could "tweek" in our center with kindness and respect for us and all of our hard work. They have noticed significant improvement since the last investigation a few years ago and we should be very proud. We were offered some tweaks to make to improve the quality of life for our animals in CPCP. They will send us a full report by January 2020.

New house for our Pangolin Ambassadors

You must remember Polly who you might meet when visited our center in Cuc Phuong National Park. She is now has a brand new house with bigger space and more private place to sleep all day without disturbing but you still can see her easily through a transparent glass window on her sleeping place. Two other pangolins, Xuyen and Son live next door of Polly house. They both cannot come back to the wild due to their health issue and disability. Three of them now are doing an important mission to let people know what their species is about and ask the world to protect pangolins.

Education and Outreach
The workshop of “Valuing Nature in Childhood” Program of 3 year implementation

After three years of implementation, the program had organized 236 trips for 5897 children, together with 1078 teachers and parents. In order to have an opportunity to workshop of the "Valuing Nature in Childhood" program after three years of implementation took place successfully at Cuc Phuong museum on November 30, 2019. Nearly 100 delegates and guests, including representatives of Cuc Phuong National Park, Education and Training Department of Nho Quan District, the Board of Directors and the Representative of the Parents Association from 28 local kindergartens enthusiastically participated.

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Species Conservation

Hopeful record of Owston’s civet and Sunda pangolin from camera traps

The final camera-trap collection has been completed. A total of 21 camera-traps were set for approximately six months (since June) in areas which looked to contain relatively high wildlife abundance. Multiple camera-traps recorded Sunda Pangolins, Owston’s Civets and other hunting-sensitive species such as Crested Argus and Greater Hog Badger.

Owston’s Civet Conservation Strategy completed!

The world’s first conservation strategy for the Endangered Owston’s Civet has been completed, with English and Vietnamese versions produced. This document sets out the 10-year conservation strategy for the species, and what the ex-situ and in-situ priorities are. The strategy is the output from the conservation planning workshop that SVW convened in Hanoi earlier this year. Thank you to the hard work of all the partners in the Owston’s Civet conservation programme. Now we start implementing the strategy!

Site protection
Anti-poaching Unit

There have been positive signs that deforestation and forest exploitation is reducing. Our Anti-poaching team didn’t confiscate any guns or traps in the forest in the past month. However, they caught 7 people illegally entered the forest. There were 11 temporary camps that were obviously abandoned for a long time, which the team destroyed afterward. 

See below for our summary patrolling report of the month.

Staff capacity building

Studied Behaviour Change at Oxford University

Truong Hai Yen and Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Nhu attended the Behaviour Change Intervention Design Meeting from November 6 to 15, 2019 in the UK. They worked with the Oxford project team, shared knowledge, provided expertise on the Vietnamese context to the discussion, to participate in the process of developing the concept for an intervention. This is a good opportunity for SVW staff to build capacity to operate the project.

Participate in Arts and Culture to address biodiversity-related issues in Cambodia

Le Thi Hai Yen attended the Workshop on applying arts and culture to address biodiversity-related issues (livelihood development for people) in Phnom Penh, Laos from November 20 to 25, 2019. This program is supported by the British Council, Mekong cultural hub and Helventas, which is implementing livelihood development projects for forest-dependent communities by developing biodiversity-based products. It is useful for the project of community propaganda and livelihood development in Pu Mat National Park.

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Our partner support

'Bring conservation to life'

Conservation is about people and wildlife- and the stories in this film really bring that home!

This documentary is produced by Synchronicity Earth, in which it's highlight SVW works among other dedicated conservation organization.

Organization Donors
Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V Vingroup
Taronga Conservation Society Australia Houston Zoo
OAK Foundation Highlands Coffee
Olsen Animal Trust US Fish and Wildlife Service
Nashville Zoo Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Future For Nature Adward Friends of Tallinn Zoo
Synchronicity Earth Ocean Park Conservation Fund
The Zoological Society of London EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group
WildAid Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust
Wildlife Conservation Network Minara Nature Foundation
The Biodiversity Foundation Wroclaw Zoo
Humane Society International Denver Zoo Explorer Post
Riverbanks Zoo & Garden Greater Goods
Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Wildlife Global Conservation Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V.
Fondation Segré Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
National Geographic Australian Volunteers
Global Wildlife Conservation Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
National Zoo Australia Action for Wildlife Organization
Taiwan Forestry Bureau International Otter Survival Fund
Skyland Productions GmbH Bosua by BOO
Catkin Media Fortuna Hotel
Flying Pangolin Film
Individual Donors
Adam Scarfo Filippo Gasoli Martisse Foster
Agriculture team- Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands France Karrubee Mary Boyle and her group   
Alistair Leonard Frances West Megan Whittaker
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Anh Thu Georgina Steadman Michael Jefford
Anita Clemens Gerardo Sanchez Michael Parsons
Anna Clark Grant Stewart Mila Nguyen
Anne Sanderson Grenet Marie Minh Anh (BVIS HN 8B)
Annie Beal Ha Linh Minh Dang- 4A7 Vinschool
AWO- Nature expedition Hannah Bancroft Nadia Mina
Bao Anh- 3B BVIS HN Hazel M Watts Nghia Ho
Barbara Roberts Helen Horsley Ngo Thi My Vi BV Helena McElhinney Nguyen Duc Hung
Carol Cushing Ho Kien Nguyen Hong Duyen
Carole Hammond Ho Yan Chung Nguyen Nguyet Linh
Carrie Young Hoang Minh Ngoc Nguyen Trong Quan
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Colleen Hallahan Ian Phan Peter Kettle
Asahi Japan Company Internet Enterprises LLC Peter Lafrenz
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Elizabeth Williamson Mac Vella Xiao Zhan
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Vietnam's precious wildlife thanks you for your invaluable contribution to our work!

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