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Ahhh, the wonderful East Side! I’m sure I’ve shared photos from this area in past newsletters, but this unique slice of California that runs along the east side of the Sierra Nevada range is so special and filled with interesting sights and sites, every trip is a new adventure.

We followed Fred and Colleen across Tioga Pass knowing we might not make it back that way since a storm was predicted and any snow at 10,000’ elevation makes travel problematic, to say the least.😉 But I got my fall color fix!!

After we crossed over the pass, we dropped into a gorgeous canyon of color—the aspen splendor takes your breath away.

We picnicked in Lee Vining before heading south to Convict Lake.

As you probably gathered from the photos, we weren’t camping this trip. With good reason: the end of October is chilly, and any kind of weather is possible. Luckily, perfect autumn held for two days and we made the most of it with a trip to Cerro Gordo—an old mining town. How perfect right? A ghost town on Halloween!

Cerro Gordo was an important mining town in the late 1800s. Now, it’s owned by a young entrepreneur named Brent Underwood. His goal is to preserve the history and make it a paying enterprise again—as a travel destination.

And he’s shared the whole process with the world via YouTube. The first shares an important part of the story: the town of Keeler, which still exists at the edge of Owens Lake, now, dry after the city of Los Angeles diverted the water from the tributaries running into the lake to LA. Yep. It happened. It’s still happening.

Check out this video:
Exploring The Historic Shipping Hub of Cerro Gordo - Keeler, CA

The drive to the mines is not for the faint of heart, but a JEEP and a BRONCO had no problem. Once there, we checked in at the office, which is also a wonderful museum, filled with artifacts collected from the mines and surrounding area.

Here’s another cool video:
Cerro Gordo Ghost Town Visit, Dangerous Road to Get There

And here are some pics from our exploration.

We headed back down the hill just as a front blew in. We were glad not to get caught in the canyons of the drive down, and as we reached 395, I caught this great shot of the mountains, including Mt. Whitney, 14,505’, the highest in the contiguous US.

The next day…wait…I’ll share those photos with you next week. I want to leave room for dessert—one of my faves, and some more awesome romance collections. With the holidays coming, you’re going to need an escape or ten, right?


We’re torn between three invitations, which, unfortunately, are scattered in three different directions. It used to be simple: I cooked, and everyone came—first, to Mom’s, then to Grandma’s. But with in-laws and extended family added to the mix, our dance card is filled with exciting offers (none of which require me to bake a turkey!!!).

I’ll let you know what we decide, but for now, I’m inviting you to dine with my GOING ALL IN ON LOVE family at Romantique – the restaurant owned by two of the Parlier sisters, Kate and Grace.

Here are a couple of recipes you might want to try. If we decide to stay home, I’m definitely doing the pork loin, instead of turkey. The flourless cake is quite remarkable—and yummy. You can make it as sweet as you like by varying the kind of chocolate you use and the amount of sugar.

Bon appetit!

And here is a feast of another kind from the wonderful Linda Barrett.


No Ordinary Family is a five-book series and the complete story of the Delaney family siblings—orphans—and how they survive their loss by depending on one another.

Unforgettable (Book 1) – Jennifer Delaney has life figured out: a rocking career in finance, a great group of friends and singing with the community chorus. She’s happy. Until an upbeat familiar voice from the past reawakens her heart and reminds her of what she’s been missing.

Safe at Home (Book 2) – Starting pro pitcher, Brian Delaney, loves the game, fans and having a good time. He thinks he’s in control. Management doesn’t, however, and assigns Megan Ross to help him with an attitude change -- be consistent on the mound. The woman’s been on his radar, but working with her? A big joke. Until the joke’s on him.

Heartstrings (Book 3) – World renowned solo violinist, Emily Delaney, has accomplished what few musicians do with her acclaimed career. Until her badly-injured hand and the challenges presented by talented but “bossy” orthopedist, Scott Miller, force her to reexamine her solo life.

His Greatest Catch (Book 4) – Red Sox power hitter, Andy Delaney, has a great care-free life and siblings he can count on. Until they serve him up at a bachelor auction for charity. When he runs into an old high-school friend, widow and single-mom Shannon Murphy, he implores her to “save” him by bidding on him at the auction. While her grief is easing, a new social life is not even on her radar. Helping out an old friend, however, seems safe enough.

The Broken Circle (Book 5) – Circle back to the beginning, when newlyweds Lisa and Mike take on the responsibilities of raising the four grieving youngsters while handling their own grief, marriage, career and financial responsibilities. Their viewpoints differ; tension grows. Most of all, however, Lisa is haunted by thoughts of her parents’ expectations. Is she good enough? Are they proud of her? Slowly, all the issues Lisa and Mike confront lead to the meltdown of their marriage. Has love died? Or has it been buried beneath the obligations faced by two very young people armed only with good intentions?

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Have you seen our new cover for LOVE ME SOME BILLIONAIRES? We love it and hope you do, too.

Reviews are coming in! I love this one: “Wonderful boxed set starring 7 stories with hot-blooded billionaires and their chances for finding happily ever after, characters are fascinating, well-described and the steam is palpable. The hotness emanating from these books will keep you warm in the coming cold winter days.”


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Happy reading, my friends. I’ll be back next week with photos from our hike around the lake and our first taste of winter.


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