It's almost here! The end of the year is upon us and it's time to plan for 2019. Actually, it was time to plan for it about 2 weeks back, but hey, no judging!

I'm here to help with a couple of resources that might prove useful. And may 2019 be your most productive, most successful year yet!


With no further ado, check out these pieces:

New Year’s Resolutions And How I Manage To Keep Them
They say plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. I am the first to say that's totally true. So I spend some serious time and set my annual goals in a format that lets me go back, review and update my progress each month. In this post, I share how I do things and give you my Trello template to try out.

My Productivity System – a Routine That Tames the Chaos
Having a master plan is cool, but following through with it on a daily basis isn't always easy. This post will show you my productivity routine - all the way from annual goals to the small daily steps.

Professional Development Planning – a Guide Based on Experience
The new year is the best time for new beginnings. If you're not entirely happy with your current job or just unsure where you're headed, spend some time on proper career planning. I share some of my favorite exercises that will help you find your way. And if you're planning a career in marketing, this post may also prove useful.

The Best Books for Marketers: 20+ Reads for Each Stage of Your Career
Since new year's resolutions often include reading more, I can give you some recommendations - in fact, 20 of them. Here are the marketing books I think you should add to your reading list right away.


Have a blast during the New Year celebrations and start 2019 at high speed!

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