Why we should share our ideas, how we can filter negativity thrown our way and
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Obvious To You, Amazing To Others

Hi everyone!

This week's BrainPint goes out to 799 people. Extending a warm welcome to all the curious minds who've just joined.

Last week was a reminder that in the face of negativity, kindness always wins.

Backstory: I wrote about some of the things I learned from running this passion project on Indie Hackers to help others who are starting their own newsletter.

Someone posted a mean comment, and I shared about it on Twitter. (Hey, having your first hater is a milestone!) I was blown away by the love and support the community & my friends bombarded me with. I received words of encouragement, cups of coffee & got to connect with new people. I'm so thankful.

My friend Curtis was so inspired by the outpouring of kindness that he's started to support creators via Share A Coffee.

This week, I'm sharing about why we should share our ideas, how we can deal with negativity and how to improve your newsletter welcome emails. I also have an offer to help improve your conversions & revenue. Let's dive in!

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With gratitude,

Interesting Reads

What does it take to filter negativity thrown our way?
There's no escaping mean comments - it's a reality of life. How do you discern whether a comment is worth your time? Use a grid, where the X-axis is how you interpret negative comments, and Y-axis is how you respond to them, to figure out.

"If you are angering people you disagree with or who don’t have the authority to provide meaningful feedback, then you are doing something right." My younger (and more insecure self) would have gained so much from this article.

An Interview with Spotify’s Daniel Ek on The Observer Effect
One of the most insightful interviews I've read recently. Learn how Daniel Ek approaches leadership, time management, decision making, learning and more. My key takeaway: being intentional with your time is important. You can get a lot done, without sacrificing your sleep and happiness.

Obvious to you. Amazing to others. 
"Everybody’s ideas seem obvious to them. But maybe what’s obvious to me is amazing to someone else?" This is why I build in public. What might seem ordinary to you could be insightful and helpful to others. Actively share your knowledge and ideas. 

Becoming Indispensable
What can you do to help crisis-proof your career? Be a top performer in your industry, develop adjacent skills, solve your boss' pains and become a conduit to unique information. Top actionable picks:

  • Organize your team’s information
  • Create dashboards
  • Use generosity-first networking to build connections

    How To Improve Your Newsletter Welcome Emails
    Newsletter writers, please listen up! I've discovered that many are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with subscribers via welcome emails.

    The email below by Packy McCormick (Not Boring) is an example of a great newsletter welcome email. It demonstrates how you can set expectations, open up a two-way conversation and thank your subscribers.

      Not Boring Welcome Email

      I've written a detailed guide with actionable tips on how you can improve your emails. Check it out! 

      The Ultimate Guide To First-Principles Thinking
      Information is abundant and insight is rare. How do we figure out what's actually true? By mastering first-principles thinking.

        BrainPint Special
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        I recently got access to Swipe - a database of strategies to increase conversions, signups and revenue.

        If you're a growth marketer, maker/entrepreneur or product manager in (but not limited to) SaaS, this database could be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. I've been using the database myself and love that it's comprehensive yet concise, and filterable based on impact/effort/type.

        I've partnered with Swipe's creator Gene to get BrainPint readers a 40% discount with the code BRAIN40 through the link below. There are only going to be 10 codes at that price, so act quick ;) Full disclosure, I'll get a little commission.

        Get Swipe at 40% off now
        Resources & Tools
        Timehop Image

        Timehop (iPhone, Android)

        Want to know what you were doing a year ago today? Connect Timehop to your social media accounts and it will re-surface your best memories. I often send friends pictures from X years ago. Reminiscing together does make all of us smile.

        CSS Peeper Image

        CSS Peeper (Chrome Extension)

        A designer's best companion. CSS Peeper helps you inspect styles in a beautiful, quick and simple way. Check out fonts, font sizes, line height and colors without digging into the code.

        Tabby (Chrome Extension) - Removes idle tabs to prevent your browser from being clogged with tabs. Don't worry, you're able to restore tabs with just one-click if you need to bring them back. (Toby Mini & The Great Suspender are alternative ways to manage tabs)

        200+ Website Building Resources - Assets, templates, SEO guides, and no-code tools to create websites


          Dickie's Digest - A weekly newsletter sharing thoughts and links on growth of all kinds. Expect to learn how people, businesses, and systems grow and improve. I love the high-signal content Dickie puts out each Sunday and highly recommend it!

          Share A Coffee - A newsletter that showcases a new creator every weekday and buys them a coffee to support their work. I love this idea and think it's wonderful to be able to spread positivity via a simple act of support.

            Take A Brain Break

            Life Stats
            Input your birthday and get cool stats about what has happened since you've been born. Cool discoveries: I've spent ~3,463 days of my life asleep & the amount of humans living in extreme poverty has decreased by 75% since I was born.

            Deep Dive Into Ben & Jerry's Flavors 
            Fun data viz of 98 flavors🍦  It's no surprise that chocolate is the most popular base flavor.

              Quote Of The Week

              "The world is a very malleable place. If you know what you want, and you go for it with maximum energy and drive and passion, the world will often reconfigure itself around you much more quickly and easily than you would think."
              — Marc Andreessen
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