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Are you ready for a hot book deal?

Key word: hot.

Today only: 99¢

By Saturday, it will be $1.99. And it only goes up from there. (It’s an Amazon thing.) If you haven’t read this, here’s your miniscule-risk opportunity. Warning: it’s naughty…but fun.

Grab it here.

Her name is Judy Banger. She’s plump. Funny. No spring-chicken. And she’s the reason I’m still writing books.

Her crazy, blushingly risqué story brought my writing mojo back to life after my NYC publishing house was done with me. (In this business, we call that ‘ego-crushing angst’.)

This book could be too saucy for your taste, but it’s only a buck. Today. (If you’re in Kindle Unlimited, you can read for free any day you pick.) And, although it may not seem possible considering the trouble Judy gets herself into, there is a very sweet, happy ending waiting for her.

As one reviewer put it: “Tears, laughter, and sensuality hallmark this delightful novel as heroine Judy Banger, in fits and starts, finds unexpected happiness. I also couldn't help but applaud the fabulous judgment of Judge Wiley Canby!”

Also, for you Box Set lovers, I’m super happy to share this beautiful 9-book deal from a NYT’s bestselling author and fellow Sweet2Heat author, Lisa Mondello. Nine complete novels for $9.99. You do the math.

TEXAS HEARTS: Brothers...cowboys...rodeo...lawman...military man...and the women they love.

Texas Hearts includes:
Her Heart for the Asking, book 1 Beau and Mandy
His Heart for the Trusting, book 2 Mitch and Sarah
The More I See, book 3 Cody and Lyssa
Gypsy Hearts, book 4 Brock and Josie
Leaving Liberty, book 5 Jackson and Libby
His Texas Heart, book 6 Cole and Rae
The Wedding Dress, book 7 Dane and Hannah
Lone Star Lady, book 8 Dennis and Teresa
Under a Texas Star, book 9 Tom and Jenna

You’ll find all your favorite tropes under one cover: Small-town romance, second chances, friends to lovers, wounded heroes, country star, coming of age, road trip romance, secret baby, single dad, and boss romance.

Read more here.

LAST CHANCE to grab some holiday cheer and 9 happy endings. Ho, ho, ho…don’t miss out.


As you may remember, I was scheduled to present a talk in my granddaughter’s classroom (Grades 3&4) for WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH. What a great class! Attentive, focused, inquisitive, and engaging. Their teacher is amazing. And I learned something, too: Looking back is an excellent way to appreciate where you’re at NOW and remember how you got HERE.

Was my career a lot of work? Of course, also a bit of blood, sweat, and tears, along with a smidgen of luck thrown in. Fortunately, I chose a profession filled with kind and generous mentors. Romance authors are, after all, people who believe in love and happy endings.

So…in the spirit of paying it forward, I’d like to introduce you to debut author: Michele Davenport, who’s FIRST BOOK just released.

Michele spent her childhood in the German Alps, where she’s set this story. I haven’t had a chance to read it, but I applaud her tenacity and determination. Plus, her cover artist, who has done many of my Tule covers, is one of my faves: Lee Hyat.


All she wants in life… is to be a mom.

Newly divorced and still struggling with her pregnancy losses and failed marriage, Angela Sutton leaves L.A. to return to her hometown Grainau, Germany where she assists her Aunt Terese in runningthe family bakery. One day, the famous Hollywood actor, Mason Glade, whom Angela has had a major crush on, enters the bakery. Angela can’t believe her eyes. What is he doing in her sleepy Alpine village? Is he shooting a movie? What Angela does know is that Mason has two young children with his estranged, alcoholic wife, Camila. Has fate brought Angela and Mason together in the same village? Would Mason be interested in someone like her? Could they possibly have a future together?

All he wants in life… is for his two young children to have a loving mom

Mason Glade is a simple man who wants a simple life with a warm, loving wife and a mother for his two children. Sure, he’s a famous Hollywood actor and well-loved, but he’s tired of his estranged, alcoholic wife, Camila, being plastered on every tabloid magazine. It’s embarrassing for him, but mostly for his two young kids whom they share together. When Camila enters rehab, Mason decides he needs a break and has to get away, somewhere far. So, he packs up his kids and their nanny and heads to Grainau, Germany, a small village in the Bavarian alps. There he meets a beautiful German girl, Angela, who works at her aunt’s bakery. He’s smitten with her and so are his kids. He sees how great Angela is with them. Slowly, he’s falling for her. Will he divorce Camila and pursue Angela or is going to give Camila one last try?

Amazon Review: "Lovable characters and a captivating, descriptive writing style! I enjoyed the witty dialogue between the main characters throughout the book. The setting in the small German town makes me want to visit! Looking forward to her next novel!” ~ Janice

Check it out ONE ALPEN DAY here.

Thanks for your terrific feedback of my first try, friends. I ran across a tripod, so my camera isn’t perched on a storage box in my office now.

Here’s my second attempt. A very brief, G-rated snippet from JUDY UNCENSORED:

We’re celebrating our son’s birthday next week. Such a hard-working, community-minded, garage-band rock star (see below), cover-model (Her Gold Country Cowboy), husband, dad, son, and friend to so many. Happy birthday, Jon Paul.

The band’s first performance was to a super stoked bonfire crowd.😉 With JP on bass, Seth on drums, Jesse lead guitar/vocals, Sarah back-up vocals, Chris on rhythm guitar.

Happy reading,


Next up:

April 4: Will you be able to see the Total Eclipse of the Sun? I’m not going, but I have connections. Will share.

PS: Here’s a bit of wisdom from Judy Banger. It made me smile. I hope it does you, too.



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