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A Simple Cut

If you slice into a three-year-old girl, what can come of it?

In The Silent War of the Sour Eye we see the ramifications of such an act. See the story I will be releasing on October 5th 2020 will answer this question. The girl is Jocelyn Redfist. The blade belongs to Herask.

Jocelyn is a character from Legends of the Exiles released April 15th 2019. She has the starring role in a novella in that book called “The Princess Prophet.” She is a seer with other odd powers and is destined to marry Flak Redfist and give birth to Peter, the boy king hero of the Madness Wars.

The blade was wielded by Herask, the time traveling wizard from heaven or nowhere. He has a plan and this one girl is it. In her hands hangs the fate of the world and it is a bright future, a way to world peace and the end of the war of the races. Jocelyn unscathed leads to harmony and grace, but the tiniest cut with his blade will swing the world into darkness. 

This story will be told the day of the Plight of Madness release and is meant to be read after reading that book. It will bring my Sour Eye stories to four, with so many more to come.

You will see things in this story that will shock you, a path untaken that will bring chaos to your mind for a while. All the answers you have to almost every question this story brings up can be found in either Plight of Madness or Legends of the Exiles. Scanning those books will bring an understanding of this tale. However there is another hidden piece.

The Manhunters series has a scene, a grand scene that ties the entire Manhunters story together. The epic bit at the end where fates are sealed and the tale of the bounty hunters is brought to a close. One bit of one flash of this scene has a character who is only in one, maybe two sentences, and the next story of the Sour Eye tells a bit of her backstory and lights a path for her and Glimmer. My suggestion is to read The Manhunters after you read this new tale.

See it is all beginning to run across itself. The trails left by this herd of books and shorts are beginning to blur together. As we move forward we will find that everything I write is becoming one piece, one large and interlocking puzzle that can only be understood by careful study and, I believe, conversation.

So read the collections and read the novels and have your friends read them as well because things are ramping up now, and enough has been published and released here that in order to catch all the subtleties you might need to talk to others who have read it all. And one read may not be enough.


We find ourselves at the third book in The Madness Wars series. On October 5th we will see the next piece of this series. One more book after this and the fate of two nations will be decided. The end of the story will be told and we can begin to prepare for what is next. Here you will find the link to the preorder of the book Plight of Madness. See the struggle for the Boy King. The rise of the Drunkard and the coming of a new heroine. The approach of something new awaits in this upcoming book.

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

Download this free ebook available exclusively through my newsletter. This short story collection currently includes "The Banshee," "The Slave," and this month's new story, "The Gilded Mares."

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