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Hello, Sci-Fi Readers!

Here's To A Better 2022!

I hope everyone survived the holidays with family and friends. I can't believe covid is still trying to keep us from doing whatever we want outside our homes. I try to be careful, but it gets tougher each day.

I have good news and bad as far as this newsletter goes. Every year I clean up my subscriber list. This year I had to delete a thousand subscribers who no longer open my newsletter after twelve months. I am sorry to see them go, but I get to reserve my best deals for those of you who continue to welcome my newsletter. Congratulations to all of you who stayed with me.

I am working on a new book series. It will be the start of another trilogy since I completed the others. It will deal with proof of alien existence against the wishes of a secret organization that will go to extreme limits to prevent this from happening. I have no idea how all of this will work out even though I have outlined 50 chapters. That is the thrill of writing for me since I must deal with each chapter one at a time and create all new characters to tell their stories. I will let you know how it all turns out in future newsletters.

There is one more bit of good news. I have wanted to publish audiobooks for some of my novels, but the expense was too great until now. I found a new resource mentioned by Smashwords that allows audiobooks to be made free of charge. That's right, free of charge. Google Play Books offers this service on their Google Partner site using text to speech AI technology that is surprisingly human voice sounding. I am releasing my first audiobook, The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction as soon as they approve the audiobook. Look for it soon on Google Play Books.

I have two great book deals in this Newsletter. My trilogy, Prequel Series Anthology, is 67% Off on Kindle Countdown Deal through January 13. My trilogy, The Guardians Series, is 50% Off all month. 

There are four great book deals in this Newsletter. Enjoy the three Bookfunnel Sales Promos and one Free Giveaway Promo I am participating in listed below.  

Please support Indie Authors by posting Reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads or Smashwords if you have already read or like any of these books to encourage new Sci-Fi readers to try them. Thank you for doing this.

Stay safe, enjoy 2022 and keep reading Sci-Fi!

Prequel Series Anthology by Don Viecelli - 67% Off during $0.99 Kindle Countdown Deal!

67% Off Kindle Countdown Deal!

The Guardians Series by Don Viecelli - 50% Off at $3.49

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Dystopian and Apocalyptic Worlds on KU Sales Promo!

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My book, UTOPIAS Dystopian Series, is included. Post a Review if you like this series. 

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My book, Prequel Series Anthology, is included 67% Off through Kindle Countdown Deal through January 13. Post a Review if you like this series.

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Fantastic Worlds Giveaway!

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My Novella, The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction is included. Great introduction to my series. Post a Review if you like this story.

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January 7, 2022