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We’re excited to welcome you to the new FAST INVEST website, built from the ground up utilizing the latest safety, technology, and design trends. We are ecstatic with the results and we think You will be too.

To provide a sustainable competitive advantage for our customers, FAST INVEST pursue synergy through the technical innovation, integrated systems, safety, latest user experience techniques, engaging content, and convenience.

New Features

More features, more opportunities! It's all about bigger profits and customers joy!

Convenient Access

Enjoyable know-how makes your skill better! Keep grinding with us in our investment pool!

Customer Support

Our top-notch ninjas solve problems in seconds. They fight for customers satisfaction intensively and nourish the relationship.

User Experience

Magical experiences engage through the investing journey at FAST INVEST. Come and sense it!

Our goal with this newly designed website is creating a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers. We hope you enjoy our new uncluttered design that is easy to navigate with the enjoyable and engaging flow.

Business Account

Do you want to invest as a company? Enjoy! FAST INVEST gives you a unique opportunity to play big!

Refer a Friend

Spread the word. For every successful referral comes a great bonus!

Auto Invest v2.0

Re-engineered to grasp perfection. Faster and ready to maximize your profits. This is how efficiency looks like!

Export Function

We made document export function to get income and account statements into PDF. It’s all about details!

QR Upload

You can easily upload your documents with QR Code. Enjoy simplicity!

Filter Tool

Convenient showcase of data gives you comfort. Find magic in simple things.


Have you noticed? Charming, isn't? Our top-notch designers made it possible. Empowered creativity!


Security - must rule. SSL Certificate is our safeguard. Every day we are fighting for perfection!

Deep in Numbers

We deliver statistics to make your investments credible. It is easy for anyone to make a perfect decision!  How good is that?

FAST INVEST is putting a huge amount of efforts to deliver as best service as possible for you. Every day we are challenging ourselves to make impossible possible and much much more. Here, at FAST INVEST customer comes first and we appreciate your trust. We feel a solid partnership with you and we intend to bring your experiences to the next level!


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