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April 2020
COVID 19 Update

We will remain closed through the end of April per the Governor's proclamation,   We are hopeful we can return to services May 3rd

Consider giving via the website as the Church still does have bills to pay during this difficult time

If your Church can do anything for you, please contact the council on the Church phone 775-575-5400

If you are missing a weekly sermon, you can tune in via Facebook to the Lord of Mercy stream

Weekly Sermon
Recorded Sermons
1st - Pastor Marylou Petitjean
8th - Pastor Marylou Petitjean

If you receive manufacturers coupons in the mail, or your Sunday paper, and have no use for some of them, or any of them, please bring them to Sunni Leggate. She will send them to Support Our Troops group in Florida. They distribute them to military families. If they are expired, or close, please bring them anyway as military families can use them on base up to six months past their expiration date.

If you do not have time to clip them, don't worry about it as Sunni will clip them, or maybe we will arrange a clipping party in the church hall one Sunday.

I would also like to thank all of you have been bringing coupons. It is greatly appreciated! Please keep them coming! Thank you!

Birthdays this Month
  • 10th - Velma Thornburgh
  • 18th - Trace Pritchard
  • 23rd - Lancette Pritchard
  • 28th - Jane Claar
Bible Studies

Currently on hold for the rest of the month

Prayer Chain

Please contact to Verl-Lee Ely at 775-575-2933 or Sunni Leggate 775-835-3951, to have a prayer added to the Prayer Chain, or to provide an update about a person already on the list. You can also contact Verl-Lee or Sunni if you would like to join the prayer chain committee. This list will be updated monthly, and if a prayer you have submitted needs to remain a little longer, please let us know.

Please pray for all those infected and affected by the Covid-19 virus and the hardships it has caused.

Please pray for healing and comfort for:

Steve Carr
John Handrich
Damian Wilson
Beth Hall
Sandy Bell
Mavis and Don Burgess
Melanie Brown
Rick Jones
Gwen Krause
Virginia Krause
Jeanie Borden
Charlene Ross
Mike Mantha
Mavis Jensen
Clara Groves-Waldron
The family and friends of Eva Ramirez-Rivera
Ralph and Mary Chaney
Billy Simmons
Jane Claar
Judy Crawford and her daughter

Please offer prayers of thanksgiving and continued blessings:

Velma Thornbaugh who is celebrating her 101st birthday!!!

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee needs your assistance, to better serve the Church family.  Our Committee is responsible to reaching out by issuing get well cards, and thinking of you cards (to those who we haven’t seen for a while)

Letting us know, we can be sure to reach out to our Church Community

Letting our community know that Gift of Grace Lutheran Church truly cares about our Congregation.

Phone 575-7109



Virginia Krause

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Mission Statement

LIVE in God’s Gift of Grace

WORK to make disciples of Christ

SERVE the needs of others in the world

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