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when Internet is gone, comes the postman...

... from Strasburg, France, senator´s pace as well, must have something to do with the proximity of German Telekom.

I indeed received a booklet ordered 2 weeks ago!

It´s from a researcher, Marc Henry, who works on quantum physics.

I quickly read "Musique et Physique Quantique" (I spare you the translation).

Where we find confirmation of the story of the butterfly flapping its wings at the other end of the world and whose effect is felt at your home.

Water Music

I learned a few things out of it, I'll have to read it again though, the beginning loses a lot of pages spreading modern mathematics all over and recall things that any music student knows (well, the real ones), Pythagoras, harmonic laws, etc. It's nice, but he's not a musician, he's an academic.

He is nonetheless a little more open than the average, but still, continues to believe in the existence of emptiness ...

The last part talks about the music of the elementary particles and the "proteodies", which use the resonance of the waves and the famous magic octave: press a key of a piano while keeping the pedal pressed and listen to the harmonics that resound by sympathy ...

The proteodies remind me of another experience that all the choirs do (at least, those with real students in music): have everyone lie down, asking them to sing any note, and after a few moments, "naturally" the voices harmonize on the same fundamental, the fifth and other consonant intervals.

The same thing happens with the use of proteodies, used for therapies, if you listen to a music reproducing the harmonic relations between the particles, the amino acids will seek to harmonize by favoring the consonant intervals, so you realize a sort of vibratory massage of the patient's cells which helps the repair of damaged tissues / cells. A video will tell you more than my explanations, can´t find any in English though, but this text.

Well, happy discoveries, I stay short today, writing in a supermarket bistro is not too funny. I spare you the Telekom details, and hope that by next week things will be repaired at home.

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