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Dear Trinity Family,

As you know, the COVID numbers have skyrocketed in the last month. Daily new cases have increased, hospitalizations are up, and so are deaths. Professionals expressed concern about the rampant community spread they are seeing and what happened after Thanksgiving.

We’re seeing the spread of COVID among our members. While I haven’t received any reports of the virus being contracted at church, some of our church members contracted the virus. Most have experienced mild to moderate symptoms.

In response to the recent rapid spread of the virus, our authorities have re-instituted public gatherings restrictions. While churches are exempt from these restrictions, the question is whether Trinity should continue holding in-person worship.

We discussed this last night with our Church Council. Our consensus is that we should do our part as a church to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. We will do so by suspending worship indoors until at least mid-January (that includes Christmas Eve service).If conditions change and we see the numbers of daily new cases drop precipitously, we will re-evaluate. It grieves me suspending our indoors worship. But, I believe this is the best way to keep everybody safe.

We’ve spent all these months calling our community to “Love Your Neighbor.” We believe suspending indoors worship is an expression of our church’s love for our neighbors because we want to help reduce the chance of spread among our members. This does not mean that we are suspending being God’s church. With the suspension of indoors worship, we’ll continue to offer online worship. Don’t miss this weekend’s service; it will be inspiring as we focus on love. And let us give the highest consideration to those most susceptible to health risks and those who will feel isolated due to not coming together in worship. Please remain connected to our church and our mission:

- Pray for the church, the world, and all those in need.
- Keep an eye out for communications – email, our website, our Facebook page.
- Pass along news and information.
- Let church leaders know about members’ needs that you become aware of.

I do appreciate your willingness to be flexible as protocol changes so quickly. God Bless you all! Pray! Stay Healthy! And don’t lose hope!

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Richard.

Trinity United Methodist Church

339 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown
New Jersey 08505 United States


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