The golf posture provides consistency for the player, improving his/her golf swing, as shown in the image on your left. 

Let’s start with the fourth element:  The most neglected aspect of the golf swing is the posture. This will help you to be consistent in making your shots and help you to have a better golf swing. This lesson is very important and should be taken seriously. A good posture influences the path of your swing and promotes a better golf swing.

Consistency starts with a good posture: Good posture is necessary in order for the golfer to develop his full potential. This is the foundation upon which to build a repetitive swing.

1. Stand erect: Stand erect with the hands relaxed on the club in front of you. 

2. Extension of arms: Extend the club in front of you keeping both arms fully extended but relaxed.

3. Flex from the hips: Flex from the hips keeping your lower back straight. Drop the club to the ground keeping your arms fully extended and relatively close to your body. Your arms should be in a vertical position.

4. Flex the knees: Slightly flex your knees to make sure they are unlocked while maintaining the straight line in your lower back, as shown in the images above.

Posture drill:

1. Flex forward from the hips making sure your lower spine is straight.

2. Let your arms hang in a vertical position.  

3. Slightly flex your knees and slightly bring your lower back straight, as shown in the images on your right and below.

The golfer must repeat his/her swing, time and time again, in order to obtain the best results. Adopt a position of the body where the posture (body tilt) remains the same throughout the entire swing: 

  • Backswing;
  • Forward swing; and
  • Follow through. 

Learn the posture drill so you can experience what a good posture feels like, as shown in the images above.

Correct posture:

Slight flex from the hips must be maintained during the entire swing. In other words, maintain this posture (body tilt) during the backswing, as shown in the image above.

Incorrect posture:

The player has not maintained his posture (body tilt) at the top of his backswing, as shown in the image above.

This is a common problem with many players.

This will cause the player numerous problems ranging from poor weight transfer to lifting the body causing the player to top the ball, hitting to the right of the target, or simply missing the ball altogether.

The right leg:

The image to the right with the red X is a common problem that can easily be corrected.

From the address position to the top of your backswing, your right leg should remain in the flexed position.

By doing this, it will help you to be more consistent with your shots, as shown in the images on your right.

Posture at the end of the swing:

Again, it is very important to maintain your posture (body tilt) from the beginning of the swing until the end of the swing. 

By doing so, you will create consistency with your shots and play better golf, as shown in the image on your right.

Maintaining your posture (body tilt) during the entire swing is a must for you to play to your full potential.

Foundation for your house:

Building a house:  A good posture in golf is like a good foundation for your house. The foundation must be the most important part of it to last hundreds of years. Playing golf and being able to perform from the first hole to the last hole, the golfer must have the ability to repeat the same motion, time and time again.

To do this, the foundation or the golf posture must be learned and mastered. So again, please take this lesson seriously because the golf posture is essential for you to improve your golf swing.


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Claude LeBlanc
Teaching Golf Professional
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