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Aditya's November 2020 Newsletter
Hackathons, Consulting, Projects, Research, and More!

Hey guys! I'm Aditya, a 16-year old innovator currently residing in Union City, California. This monthly newsletter will discuss some of the hackathons I did this month, current research, projects I'm working on, as well as brief insights into what my future goals are. 


Unity College MetaVRSE EcoHack (1st Place)

A few weeks ago, I participated in a XR-themed hackathon that had college and high school participants. Our team's winning project idea was PyroSim, a game that will inform users about wildfires by having them build their own home and protecting it from a wildfire. This was an amazing experience because we are competing against college students and had no experience with MetaVRSE, but we still managed to pull through and win. Shoutout to Aryan Saha and Kota Suzuki for their amazing work on creating a visual model of the game on MetaVRSE.


Consulting Challenge

This month, I had the opportunity to consult and come up with a recommendation for a contact tracing company for increasing adoption rates for states in the United States. Shoutout to Allison Dana, Okezue Bell, and Karthik Mittal, who were my incredible team throughout the entire process and helped come up with an amazing recommendation, complete with playbooks, websites, mockups, slides, and one-pagers.

Comparing ML Models for Melanoma Detection

This project trains a variety of ML models (supervised, semi-supervised, semi-supervised generative adversarial networks, and variational autoencoders), and determines which is the most accurate model. Check out my Github and Youtube for more information about the project!

CNNs for Personality Classification

This project uses facial features to determine different personality traits of a person. For example, arched eyebrows would indicate a person would have a domineering personality. So far, I'm in the process of gathering data for training my CNN. Check out my flowchart for more information.


Harvard Business Case Study

Earlier this month, I was able to participate in a mock Harvard case study where we came up with business models that Alibaba can use for expanding into rural China using their Taobao service. The study gave me a unique perspective on solving real-world problems, and showed me that no matter what solution you come up, there will always be benefits and cons when taking a certain approach towards solving a problem. 

Research - Multiplication Transducers

This month, I was able to start research with Professor Cisneros at the University of San Jose for work on multiplication transducers and their applications in number theory, graph theory, machine learning, and computational theory. Currently, we are working towards making visualizations of multiplication transducers for n-multipliers and brainstorming ideas for specific applications.

Variational Autoencoders

A brief overview about variational autoencoders, its uses, and ideas for projects using them. Check out my article on Analytics Vidhya for more information about specific information about its components and how to apply them in real-world production environments.

FIreside Chat Takeaways

Here are my five takeaways from moderating a fireside with Meit "Matt" Shah at the beginning of this month. Check out my article for my insights into the hyperloop space and where it will go in the future with regards to the transportation and the cargo industry.

Goals for the Future
  • Create an app mockup for Scholarr, a new student recommendation service I'm trying to roll out in my school (more information on that in the next newsletter!)
  • Reach out to more hospitals about my medical translation project and integrate web socket APIs in AWS.
  • Get better at public speaking for future speaking opportunities. Next week, I'm going to present a fundraising strategy deck to a startup's board of directors!
  • Finish my project on detecting surface level changes in the water using satellite image data and talk with UNICEF for integration.
  • Hone my skills in smart contracts, React, and AWS.

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