In the last months, we have been actively focused on a ton of brand new features for Millumin (and Glypheo as well, if you are into surtitles).
It is also ready for macOS High Sierra (10.13).

New in Millumin V2


Import new effects, or create your own.
Use built-in and realtime sources.

Flag for Data-tracks

Send a custom OSC message.
Per columns or keyframes.


Lights in timeline. DMX patch.
Revamped USB DMX support.


Even easier interface, still no code.
Servo-motor & Teensy support.

These are just the main ones. There is much more : a monitor to watch signals coming in and out, custom-segment for timelines in dashboard, embed timelines, screen capture, SVG import/export, ...
Read this post for the exhaustive list !

Millumin V2+ in beta

We know you have been waiting a long time, and we have finally launched the beta for Millumin V2+ : the special edition including advanced features.
Such as timecodes support, a live preview-grid, audio mixing per channel, ...
Of course, new features will come as the beta evolves. Stay tuned !

For futher details, please read this article, and register on Millumin's website.
We are impatient to listen your feedback ๐Ÿ™


Next training will in Paris on October 23-25th. More info here (in French).
We also organize on October 8th, a special workshop to build your own shutter.

Thank you for reading so far. Have a great day !
Philippe, from Millumin team



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