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Lucy's Personal Update:
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Greetings everyone! Firstly, I want to start with a huge and heartfelt thanks to all of you who read my last newsletter and responded with emails of support. It really means the world to me that you understand that it was a very difficult decision to make but it was one that I was pressured to on multiple sides in order for my business to survive.

I want to remind everyone to please check your measurements before purchasing a corset. Having me look over and suggest a size for you has reduces the need for exchange by up to 80% so it literally pays to do so (try it out for yourself and find out how).

What have I been up to on a personal level? The past two weeks I've had a number of family obligations (at a safe distance, of course) and wedding planning is well underway again.

I have also used funds from Patreon to buy an external SSD hard drive and more RAM and my computer is acting (almost) like a brand new device! It's incredible and it's made my video editing experience so smooth again. It's amazing to be able to edit a simple review in 30 minutes instead of 5 hours, and exporting only takes 5 minutes instead of one hour! Now that my time is being used more efficiently, it will definitely help me reach my goal of releasing one video per week to the end of this year. 💖

 Each month I (try to) make a post letting my patrons know exactly how their funds are being spent, so you know that I'm not squandering it. If you'd like to read where July, August, and September contributions are going, read one of my latest posts here for as little as $1.

In other quick news, 

  • Now that the Gemini Longline has been released, I've started working on another corset line that may be released later this year.
  • I've also been hard at work doing updates to my website to make it cleaner, more user-friendly and easier to navigate (although you may only have noticed small subtle changes, I prefer it this way as opposed to a big launch).
  • And I've updated Corset Database with some new products, as well as the Ebay page (more info below), and I'm gearing up to have another big sale to clear out a chunk of my personal collection at stinkin' low prices.

More on that later! Below, you'll find my latest videos etc.

Two New Youtube Videos!

Glamorous Corset improved their grommet panel in their mesh corsets

A couple of years ago I reviewed a few mesh pieces from GC, and while they were cool and breezy, the grommets seemed to grab a bit weakly into the back panel. It seems that they've improved this, because the mesh Jolie short corset is now holding up fairly well! In this video, I discuss the differences between the mesh and non-mesh versions, and their pros / cons.

Click here to watch!

The Corset Relacing method that's impossible to get wrong (hint: use a stapler)

Another Fast Foundations video this week - how to put new laces in your corset in half the regular time, without having to locate your waistline, count X's, or any of the other junk I talked about in previous tutorials.

(And yes, it quite literally involves a stapler.)

Click here to watch!

Newly Updated Ebay Corset Finds Page

Ebay Corset Finds page has been updated with newly listed corsets, and relisted corsets at lower prices!

Updates of note:

  • Newly listed Orchid Corsetry UK silk and mesh cincher in size 20" (shown here)
  • Newly listed Dark Garden overbust corset in size 32"
  • Stormy Leather corset now $20 less
  • Isabella Corsetry cincher relisted (the starting bid is literally only $20!)
  • Vollers cupped demibust now $30 less
  • Heavenly Corsets "wasp" training corset is now $5 less
  • Bad Button trainer is now $10 less
Click to see all of Lucy's Ebay finds
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