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BreeZo features in Bloomberg!

Not many remember Brad Pitt as the weatherman explaining depressing climate news on the Jim Jeffries show. In today's age, climate and environmental data is becoming as quintessential as weather data, check more on Bloomberg story featuring our air quality product BreeZo!

Pune Gets Personalised Air Quality Data!

How realistic was it to check the air quality for every square kilometer of a city or a state without installing thousands of expensive air quality monitors? Not very until last week. 

As winners of Social Alpha's Urban Livability Challenge, Blue Sky Analytics partnered with Parisar to provide hyperlocal air quality data with 1 km2 resolution to citizens of Pune at a fraction of the cost of installing new ground monitors. Magic of mixing ground sensors with satellite data  😇

At the launch event by Pune Smart City, we heard policy-makers, school kids, and the elderly already using it to cut their exposure. Check it out here!

Blue Sky Events

Ishaan Kochhar, our Data Lead spoke to college kids about the potential of environmental datasets and how we can solve climate change through space-tech at the SERD World Space Week Program.

"When you come to smaller towns, there is no data that exists. So using machine learning, we want to provide environmental data to everyone in the country"  - Abhilasha Purwar 

Abhilasha talked about tech solutions for climate action in our over-congested cities, hosted by YourStory, in association with AWS and Social Alpha. 

Join us! On November 6th, we will be featured in the Startup Showcase at the Greentown Labs Climatetech Summit. Register and drop by our virtual booth to see a demo!

Delhi's Deadly Dusshera

October is here, and air pollution in North India back. The festive weekend of Dussehra burning Ravana effigies combines with stubble burning in Punjab has shot air pollution in the northern airshed over the charts. Covid and Air Pollution is a deadly combination, keep checking data on BreeZo and take care accordingly. 

In other Climate News

Saying goodbye to Arctic Ice. The rate at which the Arctic is heating up, might lead to zero sea ice during the summers by 2035. Why should you care? 

Wildfire-weary Californians are leaving, and they are not alone. With Insurance price shooting off the charts, Californians are leaving home and not coming back. In a shifting climate, is this the new refugee crisis?

And for some good news, congratulations to climate-focused edtech startup for closing their seed round!  

Climate Q&A

Q: Will anything we do matter if the US and China don't cut back on coal?"

A: The fate of the human race is tied to how the coal industry fares in the next decade...(read more)

For more discussions like this on all topics Environment & Climate Change, join our free and open platform ClimateQ&A 🌎  

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