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Cloud Kitchens 🍳

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It's no surprise that the covid-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for online food delivery companies such as Grab, Foodpanda and DeliverEat. With more restrictions putting place on dine-ins, restaurants are depending on these delivery apps more now to sustain their business.  

However, with the demand of online food delivery increasing πŸ“ˆ + the large expenses of running a restaurant πŸ“‰+ the uncertainty of covid πŸ‘Ύ, a new opportunity has presented itself πŸ’°.

Enter the business idea: Cloud Kitchen 

Cloud kitchens are central kitchens that handles the prepping and delivering, designed to cater directly to online consumers.

The Approach 

- If you're a restaurant owner, you could test the waters in a different location without investing a lot of capital.

- Renting out kitchen spaces like how you would rent out an Airbnb.

- Create the WeWork of kitchen.

Why this could work?

- 58% of the Malaysians stated that they ordered more on food delivery apps now compared to pre-Covid.

- Less overhead

- Low startup cost

- Reaching more customers at lower cost 

- Faster and cheaper way to test concept

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