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Speaking at Canada's largest tech and innovation confrence!

Am I scared, of course! But im also really really excited to be speaking about me and Samarth's nanotechnology start-up Genis at Elevate TO, Canadas largest technology and innovation conference which runs for four days and includes speakers such as Eric Schmidt (Former Executive Chairman of Google), Rola Dagher (President of Cisco) and many more.

Check out the speakers here!

Article on using DNA to self assemble structures

I wrote an article about how we can use DNA to self assemble structures on the nano and micro scale to disobey the laws of chemistry and physics and outgo functions they usually would not. Check it out here!

Going to be making podcasts for getdialog

Thanks to Nazra, I was able to connect with getdialog and me along with a few other TKS students will be making podcasts for them about anything that will add value to others! Really excited :)

Visited JLABS Toronto

This month I also got the opportunity to visit J-Labs Toronto, it was an amazing experience in which Samarth and I met with Allan Miranada, Head of J-Labs and even got a tour of the place! Shoutout to Jennifer Hamilton who introduced us to Allan and Nadeem, Navid, and Ricky for there endless support! 

Visited Waterloo Uni

Thanks to the team at Myant I was able to visit waterloo university at the quantum and nanotechnology centre in which I met some very smart people working on creating semiconductors and next generation DNA sequencing technologies! Shoutout to Milad, Mat and Debbie for this amazing opportunity!

I created a personal website which includes companies and projects I have worked on/created, as well as articles, newsletters, decks and one-pagers made by me. Would love for you to check it out.

See my personal website!

Article on Cancer Biology

Wrote an extensive article on the biology of cancer! Including what it is, how it kills other cells in the body, how it spreads, current treatments and why they aren't working and new innovative treatments! Check it out here.

Article on Nanotechnology

This month I wrote an article on the different technologies used to modify and look at things on the nanoscale! As well as a new method in which chemicals are used to create thin films on substrates. Check it out here!

Ayaan Esmail