Okay, here's the problem.

I came up with my comic book back in 2014 starting out with an accident on a lonely road running along a pair of railroad tracks. I set the story in Albuquerque New Mexico. Mayfield Eight was the name of the road. Mayfield Eight is the title of the comic too. In homage to Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, being set in ABQ my comic is now on its last stages as I finish up part 5 of the six-part series (which you can buy or pre-order copies on my store site HERE.)

Gradually, I went about finding actual places where the key scenes of my story would take place.

Griffin the drug dealer's lair.

The Eight Ball Lounge took over The Kress Building on Central Ave.

Biker Bar.

The Rat Hole Bar I set far off in a nearby town of Socorro.

Ruby's Diner

I put out on Broadway Ave somewhere. You get the picture.

But, in a state of pure knuckle-headedness I forgot to figure out where those railroad tracks would lie. The railroad tracks, as in the whole starting point of Mayfield Eight, tracks that cross over the freaking street NAMED Mayfield Eight!

Mayfield Eight

So, two weekends ago I rummaged around on Google maps and finally found a suitable street (actual name is Tribal Road 54). It's perfect! There's a double railroad crossing, it's remote and there is indeed a straight line road that runs parallel right before turning across the tracks. This was important because there had to be a last-second foolhardy crossing done on a motorcycle to beat out a train said motorcyclist was running along side of.

You can almost picture in your mind's eye the tragic event coming in the Google street photo.

Seems weird I just now went and figured out where it happens.

Have a great weekend!

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