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Riding across iceland
601 miles and 31k feet of climbing across Iceland

Chris Buckard has only been on a MTB about 25 times. That didn't stop him from putting together a small team, hiring a cartographer, and charting a 601 mile route across Iceland. This is terrain that is only tackled by 4x4s and motorcycles. The terrain included hundreds (you read that right) of miles of ash covered ground. What's most remarkable is that Chris isn't a hardcore bike guy. Cycling is truly a democratic sport.

601 Miles across Iceland (Adventure Journal)

Winning the Shenandoah Mountain 100 : Power Numbers, Bike Setup, Strategy

I follow Dylan Johnson who's an endurance MTB racer and coach with Carmichael Training Systems. He has an incredibly detailed, science backed, youtube channel filled with training videos that I recommend anyone to watch. This video is about Dylan's recent win at the Shenandoah Mountain 100. He covers his power numbers, how he strategised to win and how he raced. It's detailed, informative and very interesting.

Dylan's video about how he won

riding every street
Interesting Idea : Ride every local street

Matt de Neef & Andy van Bergen of CyclingTips rode 85km within the suburb of Ivanhoe (New South Wales, Australia). The ride was within 2km of home. An idea for anyone who's under lockdown and have to stay close to home during workouts. This is an incredibly detailed ride report and is actually something I myself would consider doing. Enjoy.

Ride Every Street (CyclingTips)

washing shorts
How to Wash and Dry your Bibshort

A couple of months ago, I wrote a detailed article about how all cyclists should wash and dry their bibshorts in order to maximise life. Bibshorts are one of the most expensive, the most used and (unfortuantely) the most under-cared for garment I know. I personally know friends as well as customers who don't know how to properly care for their bibshorts, despite riding for many years.

This articles covers in detail how you should take care of your bibshort. This advice is applicable for all bibshorts from any brand.

How to Wash and Dry your Bibshorts

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