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Hello Makers!

In June I realized I was totally disorganized and needed a serious re-vamp to my bullet journaling and planning.  I made a new minimalist style planner that I liked so much, I decided to share it as a free download.  See the layout and pick it up below.

I also did a deep dive into collaging in Procreate after realizing how many incredible vintage images are out there just WAITING for me to use them.  I share tons of resources and ideas in my newest class below.

As usual you'll see some inspiring iPad art from makers around the world + some geometric vector art for all you math nerds out there.

Happy creating!


Minimalist Bullet Journal

Have you ever looked at your planner and wondered how you created such a hideous mess?  Well I did.  I decided to totally overhaul my planning and start trying a more systematized bullet journal style. 

I created this new digital planner inspired by bullet journaling and wanted to share it with you as a free download here.

I made the planner in a minimalist style, so you can customize it to fit your personal style with stickers and colored pens.

Not sure how to use a digital planner?  I put a quick tutorial on Youtube in case you want to get started or are just curious how it works:

Free Downloads

I created a set of vintage collage downloads for Procreate to go along with my new class on collage in Procreate.  The set includes 25 vintage ladies, insects, flowers, and geometric shapes, + 8 texture brushes to give your collages some vintage texture.  You can pick up the downloads in the class here.

You can use them to create some beautifully layered collages like these:

If you've ever tried to make a perfect geometric shape in Procreate, you know it's impossible.  When I need geometric shapes, I open Affinity designer because their precise transform and editing tools make it super easy to make beautiful geometric shapes.  I made a ton of vector assets that I share as a free download in my new class on geometric vectors in Affinity.  Check it out and pick up the downloads here.

You can use the vector assets to make eye-catching geometric designs like these:

Inspiring Artwork

This month I got so many incredible images of artwork from iPad artists and designers around the world, I simply had to force myself to choose a theme so I could decide which ones to share with you!  This month I chose the theme of birds since spring is in the air and the birds are going nuts outside my studio window.

I also share a lot more work from iPad artists and designers around the world on my Instagram stories, so check it out if you want to get a daily dose of inspiration.

New Classes

All of my classes are on Skillshare.  If you don't have a Skillshare membership, you can pick up a free trial and watch all of my classes for free!


Learn how to create unique collages in Procreate by combining vintage images, hand drawn elements, and layer effects. When you watch this class, you’ll get all of the Procreate brushes I use to create my collages.

Geometric Vector Illustration in Affinity Designer + 33 Geometric Vector Assets

Learn how to create vector based geometric illustrations on your iPad in Affinity Designer.  When you take this class, you’ll get all of the vector assets and colors I use in the class, including 33 customizable vector illustrations.

P.S. I'd love to hear what classes you want like to see in the future.  Have a class idea/request?  Send me a note! I’d love to hear from you.   Contact Me

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