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March comes in like a lion...or should I say BEAR!

To celebrate the coming season of SPRING I have decided to offer you all a chance to grab the complete BEAR CLAW TALES for just #99cents in this limited 3 DAY SALE on Amazon US (may work in other countries please check before clicking if it is not on sale don't fret you can read it on KU).  Come join the Clan and help these four growly men hurry up and find their mates before their wild side becomes too much to bear!

I don't often put boxed sets on sale as the price is already lower than when you buy the books separately, so please take advantage of this offer. 

I want to thank everyone who has read and reviewed Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology. I just love getting your feedback and it has been truly amazing! This set is available now on KU. 

Where are my ibooks people? Grab Dark Moon Falls Volume 2 on apple now and enter to win a giveaway. Details in the link below. This set will go live May 5. 

I've got a freebie coming up next month as well as some new releases this spring. You will see some more from the Maverick Pride, the Barvale Clan, and the Dire Wolf Mates books soon! Be sure to stay tuned.  

I've found some really awesome books for you to check out below.  Please take a look and remember to leave reviews. 

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Unedited Excerpt from my upcoming Evel Worlds book Chinchilla and the Devil: A FUC Academy Tale

Sofia Pelosi looked up from her laptop. Just another day in the overcrowded, boisterous, and somewhat messy Communications Department at FUCN’A. Most people overlooked the critically important function of said department, but Sofia was well-acquainted with just how much trouble the Furry United Coalition could get into!

Of course, she was not one of those lucky shifters on staff who got to work with active FUC agents. Nope. Sofia was a Conflict Resolution & Situation De-escalation Counselor at the Academy. That meant she dealt primarily with the new cadets.

All shifters, mostly in their twenties, and every single one of them thought they were the single most important thing in the universe. A dangerously misinformed conception that most millennials suffered from, she found. Whether such a ridiculous concept began in utero, was developed as a result of over-attentive helicopter parenting, or from too much time on social media, was difficult to determine. But that wasn’t her job either.


Sofia was not there to judge the cadets. No matter how badly she wanted to. Biting her tongue was becoming second nature every time she read one of their Complaints on Campus, or as they were lovingly called, COC forms.

Cadets could access blank forms by either coming to the department in person or online. No one could accuse the Academy of being out of date. On the contrary, she worked at the most secret, highly technologically advanced facilities in the world.

Sofia was responsible for the new generation of agents whose job it was to protect all of shifter kind. Counseling young cadets on how to effectively deal with the high stress scenarios they encountered on campus was worthwhile employment.

Hopefully, her dealings with them would translate into said cadet developing into an experienced FUC agent with the skills necessary to perform his or her job. Communication is key. Didn’t Ms. Cooper, the director of the Academy, say that often enough?

featuring Foster by C.D. Gorri
Dark Moon Falls Volume 2

A sleepy town, a wolf pack, a witch's coven and 15 brand new standalone stories of romance that will thrill, dazzle and delight you.

Click Here
Motherducking Magic by Michelle Fox

I'm the worst. Seriously. Ask anyone and they'll tell you, "Sylvie Orion is the world's worst witch."
But being a supernatural bounty hunter requires more smarts than magic. So put that on your wand
and suck it, beyotches.

Click Here
Jordane's Hunger by Tia Didmon

Fight or die. Can love make you choose both?

Click Here
Axxeon King's Captive: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Mates for Axxeon 9 Book 1) by Liz Paffel

Alora Church, scientist extraordinaire, is used to being valued for her mind, not her womb.

Click Here
Tellan: Brides of the Mylos by Loretta Johns

It was only supposed to be a social media quiz.

Click Here
The Client: A Forbidden Bad Boy Romance (LadyBoss Liaisons) by Scarlett Sincaid

Powerful women have powerful desires… but sometimes those desires demand a forbidden and dangerous man.

Click Here
The Devil's Door by Michelle Scott

Claire desperately wants to catch a glimpse of the supernatural world, but is she willing to pay the price?

Click Here
Jivaja (Soul Cavern Series Book 1) by Venessa Giunta

Mecca is a murderer.

That’s what she thinks when she accidentally kills the man who attacks her in the parking lot of her favorite coffee shop.

Click Here
Dragon Be Mine by Julia Mills

Tropical vacation, his fire-breathin’ ass. The Isle of Dagda is not for the feign of heart.

Click Here
Menopausal Magic by P. Mattern


A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel by P. Mattern 

published with Purely Paranormal Pleasures 

cover design by C.D. Gorri <3

Now available WIDE & in PRINT
Code Wolf by C.D. Gorri

"He never thought of himself as a family man, but sometimes things changed... "

Randall Graves spends most of his time writing lines of code in his air-conditioned office at Macconwood Manor. He’d rather be alone than risk involvement of any kind. Everything was going fine, until his Alpha sends him on a forced vacation.

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Vampire Lover by C.D. Gorri

Terrence Davies never dreamed he’d be worthy of finding his true mate, then Daisy moves in. Is the sexy normal ready for a Vampire lover?

Click Here
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