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A month full of changes!

So my last newsletter made mention of a weekend getaway I had scheduled with some friends. In the planning stages of the trip, Nashville was hit with a tornado, and we were on the fence if we should even go as things were starting to ramp up with the Covid19 situation. We decided to forge ahead but were unable to see a lot of the sites such as the Country Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry. 

There was still a lot to see, and we did manage to hear some great music, all while practicing our social distancing and using copious amounts of hand sanitizer. Ultimately, we left the day they shut everything down, and the ride home was pretty surreal. Stops that you would normally make along the way were closing down, and the stops we did make were quick. My trips are generally memorable, but that one so far takes the cake!

What I loved about the trip, most trips if I'm honest, is the art I find in unexpected places. Nashville is a city of creativity as well as music, and it shows in many of their buildings along Music Row. I am including some of my pictures in this post but wanted to also provide a link to some of the virtual concerts they have going on through the Pandemic. We met some amazing people on our trip, and look forward to the day we can go back.

Book 4 is on the Horizon!


I am still looking for Advance Reader Copy (ARC) reviewers for the final book in my series, so if anyone is interested, please give the button below a click and shoot me an email. I will be sure to put you on my special list for upcoming opportunities! 

I anticipate that ARC copies will be sent out in early June, with the release of the book a little later in the summer, so be sure and stay tuned!

Email request for ARC Team
Dark Witch Image by Rondell Melling -
Self-Isolating during the Pandemic

How are you doing?

At the time of writing this newsletter, I have been home for 2.5 weeks. I was sent home with a box of files and a laptop the day after we got back from TN. Thankfully, I can work remotely, so the adjustment was minimal for me. I spent the first few weeks setting up my office and working on a project deadline, but I wanted you to know that you have all been in my thoughts. I hope that this email finds all of you healthy and safe, and for those of you who are still working and considered essential, thank you for keeping the train on the tracks. 

For those who are home, who might need someone to listen, I am here. I know the isolation can be hard on some folks, it has been an adjustment for me as well, but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. I wrote a post the other day geared toward writing, but it includes things that I did to work through some of my anxiety. You can check it out here:

I have some shorter pieces that I am working on getting out to you, something that will give you a bit of an escape during these crazy times. In the meantime, I have been writing a lot of essays for my blog that I have been having a blast with. 

My #Mythical CreaturesMonday series is starting on 4/6/20 and will link those posts to my FB page as well as Twitter. I am diving into everything Witchcraft, from the Goddesses that were worshiped, right down to the tools of the trade, so to speak. It should be fun, so if you want these posts sent to your inbox, add your email and hit the subscribe button at the bottom of my website page.

Check out DA Henneman's Blog
If all goes well... I'll be at the

Once Upon A Book Event

Covid19 has put everyone at a standstill, and a lot of events have been postponed or canceled. I have plans to attend the Once Upon A Book Event in Frankenmuth, MI, and as of the date of this posting, it is still on. If all goes well, we will be able to attend these sorts of things by mid-July, and if that is the case, I would love to see you!

I plan on having copies of my books for sale and will be there to sign your purchase or a book you bring with you. I will keep you updated on this event as it gets closer, but in the meantime, you can check it out at the link below.

OUAB 2020 Event Information
Coming up....
AKA: What else have I gotten myself into?

Book 2 in my Paranormal Cozy series is at a standstill with all that is going on. I have been sending Book 1 in that series to agents and editors, but know it still needs a bit of work. I'm not in a hurry to have anyone ask for the whole thing quite yet. 

Heaven on Earth, Book 4 in the Power of Four series is going to my Editor at the end of April for the first round of edits. If my past experience is any indication of what I am in for, I know the edits will be a bear. Or Mountain Lion in this case.... Anyway, I still plan on having things complete and out by late summer, but the pandemic may cause some delays in the print end of things. Digital versions should be no problem.

So last month I didn't get any garden pics, so I decided to include some of the ones I took when I ventured out the other day. It is just starting to get warmer in my neck of the woods, and I was glad to see the color and sunshine. 

I hope you have been able to get outside and soak in some vitamin D. In the meantime, happy reading and stay safe! XO

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