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Tiny Letter
Mindful Content Creation in 2019

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season treated you well!

During December, I put my writing energy toward my work with Discover Siskiyou. You can check out my latest posts at Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou. I also CrossFitted, spent time with friends and family, volunteered with the Red Cross, read books, and shared a few “best of 2018” posts on! It was a lovely month.

I also thought about the best ways to mindfully share my creative work online in 2019. During December, I mapped out my writing and photography projects for the year ahead. Doing so helped me find focus and clarity.


As of this writing, here’s what I’ll be sharing online in the new year:

— To make blogging a sustainable and fun practice, I'll post two articles on every month. You’ll also find links to my work at Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou and other news on the blog.

—  I started a color tracking project on Instagram. More on that here.

— Finally, I’ll send this Tiny Letter to readers once a month. It will include new writing, photography, and interesting links to explore.

If you have specific posts you’d like me to write about on the blog, just respond to this email.

Links to Love

With that, here’s a list of my favorite reads and listens from December:


Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone (and how to try your own low-stress experiment)

Everything Is for Sale Now. Even Us.

Portugal? Why Did You Move to Portugal?

One Book

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

One Podcast

Cal Newport on using technology with intention.

Online Course News

For four years, I contributed to A Simple Year: Twelve Months of Guided Simplicity as an instructor. I'm not teaching a module in 2019. However, I wanted to share the course information with you because it's a helpful class and it's the last year the program will be offered. Registration for A Simple Year is open through January 31st. Details here.

Note: I'm an affiliate for A Simple Year. If you purchase the course through my website, I will receive a small commission.


Thanks for reading! If you like my writing and photography and want to support it, buy a book.

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With gratitude,

Tammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel

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