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Dear Friends,

Now that Valentine's is over, here comes the famous Steak & BJ Day, just for the guys.

We came up with some ideas to make HIS day very special too.

We hope you all going to have some fun on the 14th March.

Blowjob Surprise Goody Bag

Let's be honest, most penis owners will be very, very happy to get a regular ol' BJ as a surprise! This extra playful Blowjob Surprise Bag will send them straight over the moon. Inside, blow-jobbers and their lucky playmates will find a bunch of playful going-down staples, including a bottle of mouthwatering flavored lube, some sweet body chocolate, a nibble ready candy cock ring, redeemable BJ vouchers and more.

Reg.Price $36.99             NOW $29.99

BJ Blast in 3 different flavors

For an unforgettable oral sex experience, fill your mouth with BJ Blast before heading down, it's a fizzy, popping, bursting treat with a deliciously sweet taste. If you've eaten pop rocks candy, you'll recognize the sensation on your tongue; it does, however, have a much subtler result for an exciting, uniquely stimulating addition to a classic sex act.

Reg.Price $3.99                 Now $2.99

The Oral Sex Game 
Simple to play, and guaranteed to get the two of you riled up for the main event, you'll roll the dice and move around the board with 2 the game markers, completing the oral task displayed where you land. Game rules with creative oral sex techniques are included, along with a tasty sample of Wet flavored lubricant.

Reg. Price $27.99                         NOW $19.99

Warming Head Oral Delight Gel 

Lick and suck your heart's (and tongues!) content with GoodHead's Warming Head Oral Delight Gel. Adding lots of sexy heat plus tons of slippery sweetness to blowjobs at home or away, this handy three pack contains Watermelon, Cotton Candy and Strawberry versions of smooth flavored gel. 
Drizzle a little on your tongue or over their penis pre-play. Blow gently or stroke and suck to activate gentle heat. 

Reg. Price $29.99              NOW $19.99

Steak & BJ Day

This is what Wikipedia says:

On the day, women are purportedly supposed to cook a filet steak for and perform fellatio on a man in response to cards, chocolate and flowers given by men on Valentine's Day.

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