The Polar Paradox II

Written by Frank Martin
Artwork by Antonio Mastria

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We go deeper in.

I certainly hope Frank is going to pursue this story further. There's a kind of steady and dependable structure to its story and art that would support compiling a larger narrative into a Trade Copy.

As I mentioned in reviewing Part One, it left off with a decent 'hook' (is that close enough to be a pun?) in this undersea adventure to make me want to read more. There definitely was enough story here to justify getting Part Two.

The rescue mission continues as the scientific team of Yu, Linda and Greg attempt to bring back Javier, Alan, and Wanda. Stuff happens to them and I can't relate any details as it would spoil the plot.

... and deeper.

Suffice to say, there's a lot of interesting concepts presented here. One interesting motif from Antonio the artist is the use of large 'ant farm' like side views showing the rescue team moving through this difficult to navigate ice shelf teeming with phosphorescent life.

There should be more.

Without disclosing too much of the story, I think I can bring up something that I noticed about this comic that needed some work, clarity.

Strange to bring this up, being part 1 was so clear and concise. I got a very strong feeling that Frank lost his way in the story. The drama and action needed to have a bit stronger payoff. As it was, there is a lot of the same level of danger and intrigue as part 1. Part 2 seemed a lot like Part 1, only more of it.

The ending of Part Two contains a few very trippy twists that took me by surprise. The page reads 'the end for now'. Let's hope that Frank Martin, who did an excellent job with the scary motel story, can revisit the mysteries and put more meat on the bones.

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