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Sharing human-centered ideas on how good, passionate, risk-taking, companies can do better business, people-first.

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Welcome to the 5th edition of the CX by Design Ideas newsletter, a monthly mailing by your hosts, Lis Hubert and Diana Sonis, with a focus on sharing human-centered ideas for business. A massive THANK YOU to each of you for being here!


Lyle, WA, Monday morning, February 3, 2020

We're an entire month into a new year, a new decade. How are you feeling about 2020 so far? 

After a few weeks of talking about and sharing human-centered principles: what they are, why you need them, and how they bring meaning to your business, we're feeling pretty solid about what we've accomplished.

Know there is much more where that came from!

As we look ahead to February, our focus shifts from defining the broad strokes of HCD to sharing more niche tools and tips that you can apply immediately. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for all of those.

Until then we urge you to check out the content we've included below. You will learn more about how businesses are using human-centered principles to find increased success in the real world, and how it all centers around making meaningful business.

Also, for those of you in the colder places, like me, stay warm my friends... Spring is just around the corner, right?

Lis Hubert
Founding Partner

CX by Design Ideas
The Importance of Making Meaningful Business

Can a business bring greater meaning to your life? Think about it. Has there ever been a product, service, or company that has enriched your life and the lives of others? For us the answer is a resounding Yes!

In fact, as Human-Centered advocates we believe businesses bringing people (both customers and employees, because hey, we’re all people) more fulfillment is not only possible, but it’s their responsibility.

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Create a Human-Centered Business in 2020

There is a food store in the U.S. that is so popular the checkout lines often wrap around the store, spilling onto the street. The company doesn’t do much marketing, nor do they allow third-party delivery services in their stores. Their biggest marketing expense is the sampling station inside the store. And yet, people are begging for one to open in their neighborhoods. Any ideas? 

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