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Lucy's Personal Update:
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Greetings everyone! Thank you, as always, for those of you who read last week's newsletter and opted into my annual membership! It's been so fun to meet new patrons, invite new faces into my Facebook group, and more <3

For those who missed last week's letter, the Cliffnotes version is that:

  1. The $1 tier on Patreon is being retired soon but if you join now, you can see some behind-the-scenes posts, polls, and vote on how your contribution is reinvested back into the corset community, for like, tuppence a day.
  2. I am offering 10% off annual memberships for a limited time, so if you are normally a $10/month patron, this means you only have to pay $108 for the whole year instead of $120! This means a bit over 1 month free every year.
  3. My private Facebook group is normally reserved for patrons at the $15/month tier, but anyone who signs up for an annual membership at the $10+ tier will get an instant invitation to my Facebook group. We're a small and quiet group but it's a place where you can ask me questions about product development or my opinions on the quality of different corsets, and I share pics and random thoughts there that are probably too short to share as an official article on Patreon.
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Now offering Special Orders in any combination of fabric and silhouette

I was so excited when TT announced that they were allowing me to open up special orders through my shop! I've decided to take the guesswork and the waiting time out of it by automating the process.

No longer are you limited to only some fabrics in some of the lengths and silhouettes! Now any currently available fabric can be made-to-order in the most popular silhouettes - at no extra cost. In this new section you'll see the 24 limited edition colorways, with more to come soon!

How to do it:

  1. Click on your favorite cut/ silhouette
  2. Choose your size
  3. Choose your fabric
  4. (Optional) Specify either flat braided (shoelace) or ribbon lacing in the text box at checkout (if none is specified, lacing will be default for that colorway / design)
I wanna try it!
New Video this week:

Hourglass Overbust: Bust sizes for A cups all the way to K+ cups - say whaaaat?

As I've hinted before, this overbust is magical. Amber's a genius. And there are 33 different waist/bust size combinations, which boggles the mind. In this video, I go through the differences between the different bust sizes and what to consider when choosing the best fit for yourself! And if you're still confused afterwards, send me your measurements and I'll let you know what fits you best.

Click here to watch!
Ebay corset page updated! Plus, VOTE on whether this page stays up!

Newly Updated Ebay Corset Finds Page

Ebay Corset Finds page has been updated with newly listed corsets, and relisted corsets at lower prices!

Updates of note:

  • Newly listed 22" Isabella Corsetry Batty Cincher ($85, normally $200, shown left)
  • Newly listed Versatile Fashions 22" overbust (ONLY $15)
  • Newly listed Vollers 24" Leoty (padded overbust), $49
  • Price Drop: Heavenly Corsets trainer now $53
Click to see all of Lucy's Ebay finds
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