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Well, I did it. I signed up for TikTok. I had been avoiding joining for a long time. Let's face it, none of us needs another social media platform to follow. The other night I had a meeting with my social media manager, aka, my 25-year-old niece. She showed me how fun it could be, so I've been playing around with the app. You can follow me at 


Evie Interrupted will be here one month from today! I can't believe how close release day is. Have you pre--ordered your copy?

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Leaning forward I grabbed the bottle of wine and topped off my glass. “So, he’s a nice guy with manners, who was in no rush to get to the store.”

            Maine’s entire body perked up. “What store? How do you know he went to any store? Unless you ran into him at the same store.”

            My muscles tensed as I bit the inside of my cheek, pissed at my slip of the tongue. “I don’t know.”

            “But you said it,” she persisted.

            “You said it.” Mom shoved another Cheeto into her mouth.

            I looked over at her. “You’re not helping me out, old lady.”

            Waggling her brows, Maine said, “After you left the café, you saw him again.”

            “I didn’t say that,” I snapped. “It’s an expression like, a dime a dozen, a chip on your shoulder, no rush to get to the store.”

            Maine leaned forward. “Evie, I’ve known you since the beginning of time, you’re holding out on me.”

            Speechless, I tried quickly to come up with a viable answer as Maine stared daggers in my direction. Besides the birds chirping, the only sound was the crunch of another Cheeto being eaten by Mom. I knew my best friend as well as she knew me. Her romantic wheels would start turning and she’d try to make something out of nothing. That’s just what Butler was…nothing. Nothing to me, anyway. He couldn’t be.


March is a big month for book releases. My sweet friend Jennifer Van Wyk has another wonderful book coming our March 4., Together.  

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⁣I was really an idiot.How I didn’t see the signs is beyond me... but yet here I sit, holding a diamond ring I tried to place on my girlfriend’s finger.
Hopefully the whiskey will do its trick and help me forget the last few years ever happened.⁣I’m such an idiot. Really, I am.I thought my boyfriend was going to propose tonight. Instead, I’m sitting here chugging vodka cranberries like they’re water. I just want to forget the last few years ever happened.⁣One night.That’s all I wanted.To forget for one night.So how did one night change my life forever?⁣I didn’t mean to be so careless, but I refuse to let my past affect this baby.Now we need to step up... Together.

Alison G. Bailey