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October 2020 | Vol 3, No 1


Call for Papers
Proposals are invited for
The Tenth Annual Kathmandu Conference on Nepal and the Himalaya
organised by Social Science Baha, Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies,
Britain-Nepal Academic Council, Centre for Himalayan Studies-CNRS &
Nepal Academic Network (Japan).

Conference dates: 28-30 July 2021
Abstract submission deadline: 15 January 2021
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An Interdisciplinary Journal
Vol 7, 2019
(published March 2020)
Department of Languages and Mass Communication, Kathmandu University

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A Multidisciplinary Journal
Vol 9, No 1, 2019
(published September 2020)
Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, Nepal
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European Bulletin of Himalayan Research
No 54, Spring 2020
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Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Vol 13, No 1, 2020
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences,
Prithu Technical College,
Dang, Nepal
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Journal of
Education and Research

Vol 9, No 2, 2019
(published August 2020)
Kathmandu University,
School of Education

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Journal of
NELTA Gandaki

Vol 2, 2019
(published December 2019)

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Journal of Psychiatrists' Association of Nepal
Vol 9, No 1, 2020
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Journal of
Tourism & Adventure

Vol 3, No 1, 2020
Janapriya Multiple Campus, Pokhara, Nepal

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Journal of Training
and Development

Vol 4, 2019
(published December 2019)
Research and Development Department, Training Institute for Technical Instruction, Nepal.

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Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Education
Vol 10, 2020
Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM)
School of Hotel Management
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Nepal Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Vol 3, No 1, 2020
Nepal Philosophical Research Center
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Tribhuvan University Journal
COVID-19 Special Issue
Vol 34, 2020
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Cabals and Cartels
An Up Close Look at Nepal’s Turbulent Transition and Disrupted Development
Rajib Upadhya
FinePrint Books, 2020

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In Search of a Future
Youth, Aspiration, and Mobility in Nepal
Andrea Kölbel
In Series: Education and Society in South Asia, edited by Meenakshi Thapan
Oxford Scholarship Online, 2020
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Perspectives on
Mother Tongue-based
Multilingual Education in Nepal

Edited by
Yogendra P. Yadava &
Lava Deo Awasthi
Nepal Academy, 2020
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Loktantrama Nagarik Samaj
25 Warsako Samiksha (in Nepali)
Edited by Harshaman Maharjan, Devraj Humagain,
Pratyoush Onta, Lokranjan Parajuli
& Devendra Uprety
Chautari Book Series 99
Martin Chautari, 2020
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The Ends of Kinship
Connecting Himalayan Lives Between Nepal and New York
Sienna R. Craig
In Series: Global South Asia, edited by Padma Kaimal,
K. Sivaramakrishnan & Anand A. Yang
University of Washington Press, 2020
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Journal Articles

Experiments in Farmers'
Collectives in Eastern India and Nepal
Process, Benefits, and Challenges
Fraser Sudgen, Bina Agarwal,
Stephanie Leder, Panchali Saikia,
Manita Raut, Anoj Kumar
Dhananjay Ray

Journal of Agrarian Change, 2020
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Land Use Policies in Nepal
An Overview
Pashupati Nepal, Narendra R. Khanal,
Yili Zhang, Basanta Paudel
& Linshan Liu

Land Degradation and Development, 2020 (early view)
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Navigating Multidimensional
Household Recoveries Following the
2015 Nepal Earthquakes

Jeremy Spoona, Drew Gerkey,
Ram Bahadur Chhetri, Alisa Rai
Umesh Basnet
World Development, 135, 2020
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States of Power
Energy Imaginaries and Transnational Assemblages in Norway, Nepal and Tanzania
Synne Movik & Jeremy Allouche
Energy Research & Social Science, 67, 2020
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International Relations and the Himalaya
Connecting Ecologies, Cultures and Geopolitics
Alexander E. Davis, Ruth Gamble,
Gerald Roche
& Lauren Gawne
Australian Journal of International Affairs, 2020
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Policy Provisions for Agricultural Development in Nepal
A Review
Narendra Raj Khanal, Pashupati Nepal,
Yili Zhang, Govind Nepal, Basanta Paudel,
Linshan Liu
& Raju Rai
Journal of Cleaner Production, 261:10, 2020
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The Changing Face of Nepal
Michael Hutt
Current History, 119:816, 2020
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Viewpoint – The Politics of Research on Farmer-Managed Irrigation Systems in Asia
Some Reflections for Africa
Janwillem Liebrand
Water Alternatives, 12:1, 2019
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The Colonial Legacy of India‐Nepal
Borderland Disputes

Shailen Verma
Journal of Public Affairs, 2020 (early view)
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Work, Precarity and Militant Unionism in an Industrial Area in the Mid-Hills of Nepal
Michael Peter Hoffmann
History and Anthropology, 2020
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Book Chapters

Internal Migration in Nepal
Samir KC
In Internal Migration in the Countries of Asia: A Cross-National Comparison,
edited by Martin Bell, Aude Bernard, Elin Charles-Edwards & Yu Zhu
Springer, Cham, 2020
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Assessment of Provincial Governments’ Response to COVID-19
Foundation for Development Management & Nepal Institute for Policy Research, 2020
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COVID-19 Mahamariko Chapetama Nepali Aaprawasi Shramikharuko Adhikar (in Nepali)
(Rights of Nepalese Migrant Workers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic)
Rameshwor Nepal, Jeevan Baniya & Kamal Thapa Kshetri
National Human Rights Commission, 2020

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Civil Society in a Federal Nepal
A Landscape Study
Fiona Talcott, Ajay Khanal & Pramod Bhattarai
British Council 2019
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Impact of COVID-19 on Nepali Civil Society Organizations
Dipendra KC, Bijay Bhandari & Jaya Jung Mahat
School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, 2020
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