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August 21, 2020

Federal Funding to Remove Debris

In addition to funding for erosion, FLTF applied for federal funding to address debris removal. While debris removal is the responsibility of Boyce Hydro, debris removal is not occurring. 

We are working on leveraging federal assistance from NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service), which is the most expeditious way to remove debris. We do not expect lake owners to pay for debris removal.

Q: What has FLTF done with the $5 million MEDC grant?

We've spent $3.7 million of the $5 million grant from the Michigan Environmental Development Corporation (MEDC). We have $1.3 million remaining. Click the button to review a comprehensive list of how it has been spent. Please note that what you see is not all Four Lakes Task Force spending, only spending from the MEDC grant as of the conclusion of Q2 (June 30) 2020.

See MEDC Grant Expenditures
Erosion Control Efforts

To control erosion, we are working with NRCS through its Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program. To assist residents, FLTF is the local sponsor for the NRCS EWP program and needs to secure funds to stabilize erosion. The EWP program provides a 75% match of funds and the local sponsor (FLTF) must secure the remaining 25%. The local share that FLTF must contribute to the EWP program is approximately $2.1 million. Providing the 25% match to NRCS is a significant priority to assure that we receive funding.

We submitted 280 properties to NRCS engineers who are completing field reviews of each location and determining if the locations are eligible for the EWP program. NRCS still has to review 195 properties. 

Q: What will the future special assessment cost be?

Property owners in the previously-established Special Assessment District will have the primary financial responsibility for bringing back the lakes. We expect that the state and federal governments will provide some financial assistance, and we are actively pursuing all additional sources of private and public funding.

While we do not have an assessment estimate to share at this time, property owners will be assessed differently depending on lake. We are developing estimated ranges and hope to share those in September.

See SAD Map
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