We are extremely proud to be launching a new nomination category in our 2023 Awards. This is the award for Best Travel Book/Author.

We thank you all for your ideas and contributions which made it very hard to shortlist our six finalists. 

Given that this is a new category, we have decided to present two books in each of our remaining newsletters this month, ahead of the launching of our final vote in all of our votable categories in early October.


The first two books/authors to be nominated are:

LEFT. Zoe Agasi and Olivier van Herck - Leaving the Comfort Zone.

The Belgian-Dutch couple behind this book detail a 40,000 kilometre journey in an inspiring text which successfully manages to merge an impressive amount of breathtaking photographs with a narrative about all the joys of travel outside one's ordinary environment - and everything this encompasses.

Focusing on one's own muscle power and resourcefulness, this is the perfect book for the individualist adventurer.


RIGHT. Erika Fatland - The Border.

The celebrated Norwegian travel-book author who specialises in the former Soviet realm traverses all the countries that make up the border of the Russian Federation, from North Korea to the Baltics, examining what it means to be the neighbour of the biggest country in the world.

Through a diversity of cultures, landscapes and experiences, we learn to appreciate the vastness of Russia itself by the countries whose commonality is the fact of having Russia as a neighbour.

New Interview - Janie Borisov

In honour of Travel Book Month at NomadMania, we sat down with Janie Borisov, an author and seasoned traveller who recently joined our UN Masters List.

Born in Moscow in the times of the Soviet Union and residing for many years in Australia, Janie offers a narrative that extends beyond borders and traditional concepts of home.

Her story is a vibrant tapestry woven with elements of wonder, courage, and the insatiable travel bug. Janie's reflections will inspire you to rethink what it means to be a traveller and perhaps, where 'home' really is for you.

Q: So, tell me about your concept of home.
A: While I always have a base here in Australia, my home is where my map is. This map has moved from Brisbane and comes back to Adelaide, but yeah, home is where the map is for me.

Read the full interview with Janie here on our blog 

#NomadMania50K Winner

To wrap up our three-week-long Endless Exploring Giveaway, we held an Instagram Live event this past Thursday, where we conducted a random draw to select our winner.

A massive congratulations to Ricky Seaman (@rickyseaman) for winning a round-trip flight ticket worth $1,000!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and love for exploration make our NomadMania community truly special. :-)

Eastern & Southern Libya Tour

Despite Libya's recent change once again in visa policies, we are going ahead with our proposed trips. This October 31, we are taking you on a journey through Eastern and Southern Libya, areas that have largely been off the travel radar since 2011.

From the World Heritage site of Cyrene, to the town of Sabha in the Fezzan region, you'll be among the rare travelers to witness these hidden gems.

For all the details, pricing, and how to join this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, click HERE!

New Series Updates

This month we have worked on three separate aspects of our travel Series.

Our main focus has been Transportation - we have updated both our Railway, Metro, Funiculars, Cablecars and our Roads, Road Bridges and Tunnels Series.

In the former, we have ensured that we include all metro systems that have been opened recently as well as most light rail systems globally. In the latter, we have focused on increasing our offering of Scenic Roads.

We have also considerably increased our Hospitality Legends Mini-Series, which includes hotels and restaurants that, to the best of our knowledge, have continuously existed for more than 80 years; and in some cases even 800 years!

The idea is to celebrate these places which truly deserve a visit for their longevity, if not for their spectacular architectural or retro vibe.


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