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November marks the start of the holiday season, which for me, for the past couple years, means frantically working to complete a book. This year is no different. I'm working on My Champion now, it's release date has been set for December 27th. For those of you can't wait for its release make sure to stalk my website for new teasers and excerpts.

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Dec 27th- My Champion release

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Alanea is compiling a list of conferences for 2017. Head to her website to make a suggestion or two. She'd love to meet as many of you as she can in the upcoming year.

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Declan has been such a joy to write. He's happy go lucky and pretty much goes with the flow, but like most Alphas he has his sexy dark side too. I can't wait for you all to meet him in My Champion!

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(excerpt below is completely unedited and under copyright by Alanea Alder 2016)




Aiden stamped through the doorway. “Drones! Where in the hell did she get drones!” Aiden roared waving a small device in his hand.

Bethy’s eyes widened. “Oh Meryn.”

Grinning Kari stood. “Change of plans. I need to meet Meryn McKenzie.”

Aiden set the drone down on the table. “I’ll take you to her, maybe you can keep her out of trouble.”

Kari laughed. “No promises.”

“Great, just great,” he muttered.

As they left the conference room they passed Magnus’ office. She leaned down to Avery. “Come on, there’s someone we have to meet.”

Avery sprang from his chair excitedly. “Is it the crazy human?”

Vin and Keegan chuckled then gulped when Aiden turned to them with a sour expression. Vin gave a weak smile. “Sorry sir, but we saw the drone.”

Aiden shook his head. “She means well.”

Keegan coughed. “I’m sure she does. What did she have attached to it? Usually they can hold a camera or…” Keegan trailed off taking in his commander’s expression.

Aiden froze. “Attached?”

“Shit,” Vin whispered.

Aiden turned to her. “Follow me.”

Avery hurried after him. After they had left the room she quickly turned to Vin. “Snag the drone and bring it by when he’s not looking,” she whispered.

“Are you trying to get me killed?” he asked looking past her to see if Aiden had heard them.

“Two questions. One: Do you really think she only has the one he found? Two: Wouldn’t you try to get on her good side by returning it, considering her sense of adventure?”

Keegan swallowed hard. “Good point. We’ll get it back to her.”

Kari grinned at them. “Thanks.” She ran after the Unit Commander that was walking quickly toward the living quarters.

She caught up to Avery and snagged his hand. Laughing they practically had to run to keep up with Aiden.

Avery turned to her. “This place is fun!”

She winked at him, then they both giggled when Aiden began to grumble.

Maybe this won’t be too bad after all.

Coffee, Writing, and the Geek Life.

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