Words are powerful.

I know most of you are already doing or very familiar with content writing and copywriting so this might not come as a shock to you. But it's a reminder worth considering.

A year ago, I did a small and simple change.

I had a to-do list in my task manager titled "Blog". I renamed it to "Platform". It was a way to remind myself that I'm not just writing for the sake of writing—I'm building my online presence to get noticed as a digital professional.

And then a funny thing happened. I started paying more attention. I started being more deliberate. And I stopped procrastinating on creating new content.

The new name was just a word but it also wasn't. It was a reminder of why I was working on my blog in the first place.

Words help us reconnect with our Why. They can be the thing that nudges us to act and improve.

We often forget that words matter. So take a little time today to see where a stronger word can serve as a powerful reminder for you in the new year.

Be mindful,

From the blog

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Hand-selected articles for you

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Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This collaboration by Babe Wine and dating app Bumble - the two brands joined forces to help women stuck with their ex-boyfriends during lockdown to move away.
  • These dancing robots of Boston Dynamics - you've probably seen this video already... 25 million people already have! But I, for one, may have played it again and again just to dance together with the robots on a couple of occasions. And this is also a great example of content marketing as a way to humanize a technology many still find too scary.
  • This Yale university course on... happiness - I've taken Dr. Laurie Santos's class a few years ago but I was recently reminded about it. Seems like there have been a ton of people stumbling across it thanks to the pandemic. And if you haven't seen it, you just might want to give it a go now.

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