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Hello again,

Welcome back to the "Great Things" newsletter! My great thing this week was  BIG personal decision moved forward significantly on my calendar...clues revealed in the next couple of weeks 

Onwards to the latest Great Thing that's had an impact on me...this one's not new to me but it's something I mention ALL the time, especially when in a heated argument in the back of a Menorcan taxi with an old-school Scottish matriarch!!!

The Latest & Greatest

This is the future of education*If you've not seen me mention it before, check out Lambda School and follow its founder on Twitter.

* This school isn't for the kids, it's for adults.

If you're at all frustrated by the current education system and how lacking it is in preparing our children/selves for the world of work, this may give you some heart.

It certainly does me and is pretty much my ace in the deck whenever I get into a heated discussion about why I home educate my children and/or why the current system is so badly letting our children down.

Does the president of YOUR expensive, no-results/job-guaranteed university go into bat for you and *personally* help you get hired on Twitter???

THIS is just one of the many, many reasons I tell everyone who questions me home ed’ing my kids about @LambdaSchool...if you're looking for a career change and as close to a guaranteed job as you'll get these days, you've got to take a look.

P.S. Austen has tweeted recently that he believes there's a HUGE opportunity to disrupt and innovate the home ed community...would LOVE to see this happen. 

My Latest & Greatest

Websites That Work

While we build custom websites, we also build 'starter' websites – basic but effective websites for folk who need a more robust presence online than just a FB page or an Insta profile – for £250. Details here.

Showing Up + Being Seen

I've started blogging on a more personal level again – which I'm aiming to do more consistently again! If you're interested in my own journey, you can read the first post here

I would love to hear if you're doing something great that you'd like to share, personal or professional...just hit 'reply' and drop me a line.

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